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Reporters keep quoting fake Van Halen interview (Whoops)

Welp, it turns out that some reporters from well-known publications are no better than your grandma, who shares articles unironically The onion on Facebook. In today’s meta episode with real news about real news referring to fake news, journalists from outlets including Daily express, Yahoo Sportsand supposedly People Magazine included a made-up quote from a satirical news source in their coverage of Van Halen’s death. Uff.

The quote in question? A seemingly obviously bogus anecdote from the music news satire site, The hard timesabout how the legendary musician’s son, Wolf, had the courage to come out to him as a bassist.

“You know, there were signs early on,” Van Halen definitely didn̵

7;t tell the satirical music site when asked about his son’s predilection for the bass guitar. “When he was about 9 months old, I put a small guitar in front of him. Instead of using his thumb like a pimple, he used his index and middle fingers to play the strings one by one. I almost cried when I saw how my boy touched his first guitar. He looked so lame. “

Spoken like a true poet. But instead of doing their greatest journalistic diligence and taking the agonizing 30 seconds to Google to find the source of the quote in question, the reporters followed their intuition, hit “publish” and shared the umm, not the guitarist’s words, with the world With.

“ONEs We mourn the legendary Eddie Van Halen, we would also like to thank you @People for including our coverage in a story about him, “said the satirical publication in one Instagram Post and urge their followers to click the link in their bio, “For Better Journalism”. The hard times – the true source of breaking news we need in 2020.

Even the author of The hard times‘(not) The Pulitizer-awarded Van Halen retrospective John Danek took part. “”I understand news sites might incorrectly quote @ REALpunknews as a real source, but how do you ALL quote that particular line? “he mused on Twitter.

While all the articles since Danek’s tweet have been deleted or edited (without a proper correction notice being issued because what is journalistic ethics anyway?), Their spirits still linger in the form of screenshots …

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