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Reese Witherspoon says she wants to join the fourth season of Stranger Things

Friends is a classic sitcom about 20 things that control life, love and work in New York City. At least this is a theory about the popular sitcom that premiered on September 22, 1994. Here's another: Friends is a look into a psychiatric ward where six disturbed patients are working on their personality disorders. In the 25 years since its debut, Friends have inspired a lot of wild fan-theories on Reddit and Twitter. Here are some of the strangest ones (and be careful: Mr. Heckles & # 39; murderer is still at large).

. 1 Rachel dreamed about it.

In the summer of 2017, this photo of Friends -season four of the DVD box sparked a fan-noise. The picture on the box shows the buddies dozing next to each other. Ross, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler and Joey all have their eyes closed, but Rachel ̵

1; she is resting right in the middle – is wide awake and looks straight into the camera. Why is she the only one with open eyes? Some fans thought Rachel had planned something sinister or was secretly "waking up". Rather, she insisted that this was the proof that the whole show was Rachel's dream. According to a Twitter fan Rachel fell into an angst-filled dream the night before her wedding with Barry and imagined her own group of hip New York friends coping with her frustration and fear. Except that she has awakened to reality the next morning, as seen on the DVD cover, where she is surrounded by her dream friends.

. 2 Phoebe hallucinated the show.

Another popular theory states that Friends had everything in Phoebe's head – only is this setting much darker. The basic assumption is that Phoebe never came off the road. She was a lonely, homeless woman with meth addiction, who one day peered into the window of Central Perk. She noticed five friends laughing over coffee and imagined being part of the gang. In this fantasy, her friends did not always get their weird sense of humor, but they still loved her. In fact, the twenty-year-old in the window wondered why this "crazy lady" was staring at her. This theory was so popular that a journalist asked Friends -mitcher Marta Kauffman at a television festival afterwards. She quickly threw water on the whole. "That's the saddest thing I've ever heard," Kauffman replied. "This is a terrible theory, it's crazy, somebody needs a life, that's all I say."

3. It was a long promotion for Starbucks.

According to a manic Facebook slogan, Friends was not a sitcom at all. Actually, it was a 10-year marketing ploy that made Starbucks a new destination for young people. Why else do the characters spend so much time in a coffee shop? True, the shop is not called Starbucks, but the subliminal evidence is Rachel's last name (green, like the Starbucks corporate color) and hair (styled like the mermaid in the Starbucks logo). Then there's Ross and Monica's surname Geller, who comes close to the German word . It means "screaming" just as the Starbucks baristas proclaim customer names. The case only gets more flimsy from there, but if you really want to read how Chandler and Moby Dick are connected, you can plunge that particular rabbit hole here . [1 9659002] 4. Ross lost custody of Ben because he was a bad father.

Ross's son Ben arrives in the first season of Friends in the aptly titled episode "The One with Childbirth". He is a consistent character for several seasons, but over the course of the show, Ross seems to spend less and less time with his child. Ben disappears after the eighth season and never meets his half-sister Emma again on the screen. There is an explanation for this levy: Ross lost custody of his son due to increasingly disturbing behavior.

The blog What Would Bale Do contains a number of examples: Ross sleeps with his students, tries to meet with his cousin, and asks a self-defense teacher to help scare his girlfriends. He is also generally quite jealous and possessive. According to this theory, Ross's ex-wife Carol had a break and took custody of her son, which is why Ben in later seasons stops getting around in his dad's apartment.

. 5 Mr. Heckles was murdered.

Rachel and Monica's mean old neighbor dies in Season 2 for natural reasons – or at least you should see it that way. According to a Redditor Mr. Heckles was killed in cold blood. Just before he dies, Mr. Heckles shows up at Monica and Rachel, complaining that their noise disturbs his birds. (He has no birds.) Monica says they will try to suppress it, and when Mr. Heckles leaves, he says he will return to his "dinner party". Minutes later he is dead. Ergo killed him his dinner party guest. The more probable explanation, of course, is that Mr. Heckles was a crazy old man who did not even have a dinner party. But where is the fun?

. 6 There is a reason why the gang in Central Perk always had the same table.

How did the gang manage to catch the coveted couch in the Central Perk every time? Quite simple: Gunther has reserved it for her. It was all part of his ongoing campaign to win Rachel's affection, and it explains why the group never had to fight for seats. Well, except for this one time.

. 7 There is a transition between Parks & Recreation .

In "One With All the Candy," Rachel insists she does not sleep with boys on her first date just so her friends can call her right away. Monica reveals three names: Matt Wire, Mark Lynn and Ben Wyatt. Could she talk about the same Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation ? According to Reddit, her age is well known. Ben was 26 years old at the time of the episode, making him a perfectly acceptable one-night stand for 29-year-old Rachel. But what about Leslie Knope?

. 8 Monica was the product of a marital affair.

Ross and Monica's mother do not even try to hide their favor. Judy Geller considers Ross a genius and Monica tries. (Could be even more strenuous.) The (and now deleted) fan theory of a Bonkers suggests that Judy's preference is due to a family secret: At some point in her marriage to Jack Geller she had an affair she could never forget because she was born Monica. Judy's shame on this tryst is what causes her to beat Monica and praise Ross, her only "legitimate" child.

. 9 There is everything in a psychiatry.

What if Central Perk was not a café at all, but the cafeteria of a mental hospital? One theory is that all six main characters suffer from personality disorders. They are limited to a treatment facility and can only switch between their rooms (ie your "apartments") and the cafeteria (ie "Central Perk"). This situation also explains why the group is so hostile to new people. They do not really annoy Monica's new boyfriend. They attack anyone who tries to get one of their friends out of the mental hospital.

10th Joey really wanted a few pancakes.

This very stupid – but very solid – fan theory focuses on Joey's love of food. Joey has a one-night stand with a woman named Erin. He does not want to see her again and asks Rachel to tell her the news about pancakes. Apparently, Chandler did this while living in the apartment. He would even pick up extra pancakes for Joey. Rachel refuses to be a part of it, but once she's alone with Erin, she feels bad and offers to cook. Things are escalating over the episode and pretty soon Joey is the one who is too attached to Erin. Rachel has to tell him and offers pancakes. Reddit claims that all this was just a poppy conspiracy. In sum, Joey can not cook, but likes to eat and has enough soap opera money to pay for an actor (Erin) involved in this conspiracy. So he persuades his roommate to bake pancakes twice, in a trick that is both delicious and devilish (and, yes, a little silly). This story was updated for 2019.

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