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Quiz Can you say whether it is a national park or a Mario Kart track?

It is more important than ever to have a good hobby. Of course, many people – maybe even you – have been obsessed with learning TikTok dances and baking sourdough bread in the past few months, but these hobbies can exhaust their reception pretty quickly. If you or someone you love are looking for something a little more intellectually stimulating, you should check out the Flybrix LEGO drone kit from Fat Brain Toys.

What is a Flybrix LEGO Drone Kit?

With the Flybrix drone kit you can build your own drones out of LEGO bricks and fly through your house with your smartphone as a remote control (via Bluetooth). The kit itself contains everything you need to start flying almost immediately, including a bag of more than 56 LEGO bricks, a LEGO figure pilot, eight quick-connect motors, eight propellers, a propeller key and a preprogrammed Flybrix flight board circuit board , USB data cable, LiPo battery and USB LiPo charger. All you need to do is download the Flybrix configuration software and the Bluetooth Flight Control app and access online instructions and tutorials.

Experiment with your own designs.

The Flybrix LEGO drone kit is specifically designed to encourage exploration and experimentation. All components are robust and can withstand a few crash landings. So you can build and rebuild your own drones until you find the perfect design. Then you can do everything again. Try out different motor configurations, add your own LEGO bricks, experiment with different shapes ̵

1; this kit is a would-be engineer’s dream.

For advanced STEM learners, there is Flybrix, with which you can experiment with coding and block-based coding. It uses an Arduino-based hackable circuit board and the Flybrix app has advanced features that you can try out in software design.

Who is the Flybrix LEGO Drone Kit for?

Flybrix is ​​a really entertaining way to showcase a number of core STEM concepts that make it ideal for children – and technically it’s exactly what it was designed for. However, since engineering and coding can get a bit complicated, the recommended age for independent experiments is 13 years and older. However, children under the age of 13 can certainly work on Flybrix drones with the help of their parents. In fact, it makes a fantastic family hobby.

Are you ready to build your own LEGO drones? Click here to order your Flybrix kit today for $ 198.

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