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Quiz Can you identify the secret identities of these superheroes and villains?

As early as 2009, Amazon began selling selected products – mainly electronic accessories – under the AmazonBasics brand. More than 1500 items are now sold. With a range of products spanning everything from batteries to kettles, the brand is far from easy. Here are some of the products that reviewers and experts agree are just as good as the brands – at a fraction of the price.

1. 100 AA high capacity alkaline batteries; $ 27

The AmazonBasics line really got its start with these batteries, and according to one source, they’re still one of the brand’s best-sellers. One in $ 10 spent on AmazonBasics sales is a battery purchase, according to OneZero. It̵

7;s no big surprise when you look at the price – at $ 0.27 per battery for a pack of 100, it’s half the price of brands like Energizer, and its 68,000 five-star ratings suggest the Customers are more than satisfied. If you’re looking for a greener option, AmazonBasics also sells rechargeable batteries in five different sizes.

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2. 14-piece kitchen knife set; $ 26

Kitchen knife sets from popular brands like Cuisinart can cost up to $ 160, making this 14-piece set a bargain for just $ 26. The knives in this 4.5-star set are made from a sturdy, high-carbon stainless steel, which means they are durable, rust-resistant, and able to maintain a razor-sharp edge for longer. Thanks to their robust plastic handles, they are easier to clean than knives with wooden handles.

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3. Cross-cut paper and credit card shredder with a capacity of 8 sheets; $ 41

Wirecutter talks a lot about AmazonBasics document shredders – this affordable model was the first choice in 2019. With its cross-sectional file shredding function, it is suitable for destroying secure documents and ID cards that no one should get their hands on. Critics say it’s a “surprisingly good value” and relatively quiet compared to other paper shredders.

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4. 3-piece luggage set; $ 161

Luggage is notorious for being incredibly expensive. If you’re just looking for a durable three piece set as the casual traveler, AmazonBasics should be more than acceptable for your needs. Boasting a higher star rating and a far lower price than its Samsonite equivalent, this lightweight set comes with 21-inch, 26-inch, and 30-inch luggage that comes with an internal organizer and three zip pockets.

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5. Lightweight microfiber sheet set; $ 14- $ 25

At $ 20 for a queen set, typical Amazon linens are as cheap as they come. They are also available in more than 40 different colors and patterns. The pockets are large enough to hold mattresses up to 16 inches deep. Critics say the material is “super soft” and comfortable for cold nights.

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6. Pack of 2 non-stick silicone baking mats; $ 14

These reusable baking mats replace the need for cooking spray and parchment paper and make the cleaning process far easier. They are ovenproof up to 480° F.This makes them the perfect companion for anything you want to bake – whether it’s cinnamon rolls or salmon. When you’re done cooking, just place them on the top rack of your dishwasher and let the machine do all of the cleaning.

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7. Portable wireless bluetooth speaker; $ 21- $ 29

This portable bluetooth speaker can be paired with devices up to 30 meters away. It also has an additional socket for devices without Bluetooth functionality. After a full charge, it can be played continuously for eight hours. At just $ 21, it’s perfect for the casual listener. But if you’re looking for something with a little more audio pepWe’ve compiled a list of the most popular portable speakers that Amazon has to offer.

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8. Apple iPhone charger with nylon braid; $ 14

Apple’s signature iPhone charger cable sells for $ 29 on its own website. So it’s no shock that the AmazonBasics version has 58,000+ five-star reviews. This charging cable is wrapped with durable nylon fiber to prevent fraying and to extend the service life. Not an iPhone user? AmazonBasics brought you this USB-C charging cable for $ 9.

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9. Leather-padded adjustable swivel office chair; $ 76

A good home office requires a stable, comfortable desk chair. With its fully adjustable controls, contoured, padded backrest and affordable price, this office chair could be just the thing for your new work-from-home lifestyle.

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10. 24-pack microfiber cleaning wipes; $ 15

AmazonBasics is really great when it comes to affordable home staples, and this set of cleaning wipes is no exception. The microfiber used in these washcloths is highly absorbent and is as effective for cleaning vehicles as it is for household items. Plus, they can keep their absorbency even after dozens of washes.

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11. 15-piece non-stick cookware set; $ 52

This 15-piece cookware set with multiple pots, pans and utensils offers space for everything from sturdy Sunday lunches to a quick breakfast on weekdays. Everything here is durable and functional, and while you may need something a little more sturdy to prepare stews and roasts (more on that below), this is perfect for a first-time home or a family looking for real value. It’s also $ 100 cheaper than this comparable set from Rachael Ray, which has the same 4.5-star rating.

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12. 6-quart Dutch oven; $ 51

Your stomach might want you to jump for that vaunted Dutch Le Creuset oven, but your wallet probably doesn’t want the $ 360 hit. Fortunately, Amazon makes its own version of this kitchen staple that has received more than 6,900 five-star ratings. The cast iron construction of the oven ensures even heat and is therefore the ideal vessel for soups, stews and more.

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