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Quiz Can you choose whether every food is a kind of soup, sandwich or salad?

Twice a week, Danger! GOAT Ken Jennings runs “Kennections”, a quiz with seemingly unrelated clues, in which the answers have one thing in common. To celebrate his 400th pass, Jennings searched the archives and selected 15 of his most challenging quizzes to date. See if you can find them out.

1. A common denominator

See if you can find out how similar animals and chess pieces are that see ultraviolet light.

2. Some degrees of separation

The word for a group of crows and a German tribe from the 5th century has a surprising connection.

3. Not exactly polar opposites

Adam Sandler and an African island nation share an unexpected property.

4. A humeral connection

St. Paul and the Latin name for the city of Troy have more in common than you might think.

5. A common thread

Sew the clues together to see how the shapes of Hermine Granger̵

7;s Time-Turner and an Owl City single are related.

6. A tough sale

Aladdin’s magical object and gift-secreting creatures are the stars of this puzzle.

7. More than just horse play

Follow the path to see how a daily newspaper and a Catholic festival are connected.

8. A comedic connection

Derive the connection between a 1959 musical about a striptease legend and a little prophet.

9. A puzzle for a word smith

See if you can find out how Bridge is related to Richard Nixon.

10. A real difference

Frederic Chopin’s mother tongue and a lively Moroccan port city, famous for its delicious oranges, have one thing in common.

11. A topic out of this world

General George Custer’s middle name and a 1945 Benjamin Britten guide are indications of this astronomical answer.

12. Sounds like a geographic challenge

A 1989 hit by The B-52’s and the name of the Philadelphia arena soccer team lead you to the right answer.

13. A lyrical connection

See if you can find out how the name B.B. King is related to his black Gibson guitars and a beloved Disney Cocker Spaniel.

14. An elite puzzle

Find the connection between the island that Odysseus desperately wants to reach and the last name of the German royal family who took over the throne from England in 1714.

15. Common signs

The edible resource you use to get involved Pokemon Go and the leaves that are often used in Christmas decorations have this in common.

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