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Quick access to the address world of boar head

We are very glad that you found the way to us. Nicolles work has shifted more and more into social networks for years. She now has more than 25,000 fans on Facebook and Tik Tok. And starting in April 2019, new formats will start appearing on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to provide new entertainment there as well.

The question then came up as to what we want to do with our homepages in the future. In the context of Nicolles work for classical media and social networks with their film animals, we hardly have any use for it. So we decided that I can live out my own passion on the homepages since 1 January 2019 – the collection of data and addresses. Actually, I have been doing this for 20 years. But only halfhearted and without a proper concept. That will change now.

I am André, the other 50% of the animal and viral agency Boar Head. I'm worried since 1

998 that Nicolle can be happy with her love for animal training in general and filming in particular. More information you can get in the animal agency. This is now almost a self-run.

Now, in concrete terms: Here in the coming years, a comprehensive network of addresses and links for two target groups:

  1. For pet owners of animals of all kinds and race that need specific information in everyday life or want to become active in the film

  2. For media creatives who either want to work with film animals, or who want to network with influencers and Petfluencern.

The following overview shows you at a glance the current state of our 15 categories. I come in the daily section on 50 new addresses. That should bring at least 15,000 new entries for 2019. My own goal is 25,000 links and addresses until the end of 2019. If you want to use a section, just click on the icon – and then have fun.

If you need more details, you can click on one page in the list. Then you can see the current status of the more than 40 different topics that we have designed.

If addresses are missing (of which I will go out at least in the next two to three years) then write an email with the link to join @ eberkopf.de, post on Facebook under the appropriate photo or write in the relevant list directly in the queue, ie in the waiting area.

Entries in our lists are basically free. Us (me) is about completeness. But in the long run, it will not be possible without refinancing. We will need a decent app. With increasing numbers of users, we need a separate server, etc. .. Since then come more and more regular costs to us. That's why starting in April there will be the possibility to book upgrades for the entries or to support us with a monthly subscription.

For all lists and homepages of Eberkopf the imprint applies to http://www.eberkopf.de/impressum.htm

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