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Popular “Back to the Future” fan theories, analyzed

July marks the 35th anniversary Back to the Future, the enduring science fiction and comedy classic starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, a gracious teen who makes an unlikely friendship with Emmett “Doc” Brown (Christopher Lloyd). Thanks to Doc’s DeLorean time machine, Marty ends in 1955 to save Doc’s life and to make sure that his parents (Crispin Glover and Lea Thompson) fall in love and thus secure his existence.

Fans of the film have been dealing with the time travel paradoxes and missing parts of the plot in recent decades. Check out and look at some of the most popular theories Back to the Future and its sequels on Netflix to see if they have any weight.

. Marty McFly’s parents knew he was a time traveler.

Maybe the biggest secret of Back to the Future Therefore, George and Lorraine McFly fail to notice that their adult son Marty bears a striking resemblance to the man they knew as “Calvin Klein”, who fell in their lives in 1955 to ensure that their romance was intact. A theory explained by Redditor djbred18 states that George and Lorraine recognized him. “I mean, they had 30 years to find out!” said the user. It was crucial that George heard “Calvin” with the names of Darth Vader and the volcanic race of Star Trek Years before they came in, any science fiction writer like George would have picked up on a fact. A scene late in the movie where Marty’s parents give him a brand new truck and offer a knowing smile could be read as a thank you for his efforts.

Speak with The Hollywood Reporter in 2020 Back to the Future Co-screenwriter Bob Gale said they hadn’t made the connection: it was an easy case in which Marty’s parents didn’t recognize the man with whom they had only spent a few days 30 years ago. “I would ask everyone to think back on their own high school days and wonder how well they remember a child who may have been at school for a semester,” he said. “Or someone you only went out with once. If you didn’t have a photo reference after 25 years, you would probably only have a blurry memory. “

2. Doc Brown was suicidal.

As Doc Brown tests his DeLorean in the parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall, he steps directly in front of the car, which drives at 88 mph. The only way he would not be put down would be if his experiment was successful and the car disappears. Still, Doc mentions that his other experiments are disappointing. Given his lack of confidence in his own abilities, standing in front of the car seems like a wish to die.

When Christopher Lloyd was asked about this theory by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in 2018, he didn’t buy in. “I don’t think so,” said Lloyd. “Because Doc had so much faith in what he was doing, he wasn’t worried about it … maybe a little doubtful, but Doc wasn’t grim.”

Lloyd added, “However, you have given me a lot to think about.”

3. Marty McFly’s actions changed his girlfriend’s appearance.

In the first Back to the Future, Actress Claudia Wells portrays Jennifer Parker, Marty’s girlfriend. In the 1989s Back to the future part IIElizabeth Shue took on the role because Wells had to do with an illness in her family. For a time travel series, it may be easy to explain why Jennifer’s appearance is changing. According to Reddit user j1ggy, Marty’s presence has had an invisible but demonstrative impact on Jennifer’s parents’ lives, which may even have caused Jennifer to have another mother or father. Because Jennifer’s Marty seems a little confused at first Back to the future part IIIt is possible that he realizes that he has changed the past so that his girlfriend is now physically different.

4. Marty may have actually changed Biff Tannen’s life.

In the beginning of Back to the FutureWe see the city bully Biff Tannen pushing George McFly around and demands that he do Biff’s job in her office. At the end of the film, Biff plays a submissive role and grows George’s car as part of his work, which is owned by an auto detailing company. However, as Reddit user SatNav points out, this may have been the best for Biff. He was no longer dependent on George to support him in his work, but owned his own small business.

5. Doc Brown kills Marty.

At the end of Back to the FutureThe time traveling Marty returns from 1955 to see Marty disappear in the DeLorean in 1985. While Marty probably dates back to 1955, one theory suggests that in 1985 Doc Brown either sent Marty to his death or exiled him in time to make room for the returning 1955 Marty. Had he allowed Marty to continue living in 1985, he could have returned until 1955 to meet Marty there. That or two versions of Marty would have been walking around Hill Valley in 1985.

Christopher Lloyd has rejected this theory. “Doc would never send Marty to his death in any scenario,” he told the CBC in 2018. “Doc couldn’t live with that.”

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