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Pooh. Not now, Banksy | Cracked.com

You know, until now we really took our luck for granted. Sure, there is a deadly pandemic that has hit the globe, a series of economic crises that follow closely behind it, and a serious lack of good TV shows, but at least we hadn’t heard from Banksy.

Well, that’s not necessarily true. Apparently his spring campaign against the corona virus consisted of pictures of rats having a bathroom with the heading “My wife hates it when I work from home” (what, okay?) And a drawing of a boy playing with a superhero doll, the – get that – actually a nurse.

Pooh.  Not now, BanksyBanksy

When these stunts only earned him the recognition of Southampton General Hospital staff who received the latter drawing, he apparently decided to grow bigger. He’s like an attention vampire: if he doesn’t feed, he crumbles into a dust of privileges and paints chips.

That’s probably why nobody stopped him when he went straight to the London Underground and sprayed shit all over the place. Not literally – that would be far too artistic. He adorned the walls of the train with pictures of his brand rats, using face masks as parachutes or getting tangled up in them, which confused (and confronted in at least one case) passengers who really didn’t have to deal with this kind of bizarre bullshit on their way to Job. He also sprayed a wall and a row of doors that read, “I’m going to be locked, but I’m going to get up,” because it wouldn’t be Banksy observation if it wasn’t 20 years late.

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