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Police arrest squirrels, just one of 10 crazy facts and stories about squirrels

Squirrels make cute cartoons and plush dolls. However, the real rodents shine pink, delay the flights and are arrested. They collect secrets like nuts; Squirrel breeders succumb to a new virus and there was this purple creature nobody could explain. A dead squirrel was once bought as art and the Prince of Wales wants to fight it with a spread.

10 The Home Wrecker

In 2014, a judge in her house in Hartlepool woke up sounds. [1] With the alarm sounding too, 64-year-old Margaret Bousfield went from the worst situation. Instead of a burglar she found a squirrel. It was covered with soot, indicating that the creature had entered the house through the chimney. The squirrel, however, wanted to go. If the damage to the living room was anything that was over, it had been trying to escape for hours. When Margaret woke up, the creature had destroyed sofas, carpets, curtains, and window frames. She called a neighbor who opened a window and the squirrel stepped quickly out of the house. The carpets and a sofa had to be replaced. The total damage, including everything else, caused a bill of over £ 7,000. It was a dark day for the insurance company (the paid).

9 They relay levels of security to birds

Birds tend to go wild when they see a predator. [2] Other prey species such as squirrels have learned to hide when bird calls become tense, even when they do not even know where the danger is coming from. These are old news. In 2019, the researchers wondered if things were going differently. Do squirrels rely on birds to tell them when it's safe to come out again? To find out, scientists went through parks in Ohio until they found the perfect subjects. A bunch of eastern gray squirrels. Around 54 were picked to hear footage of a Red-tailed Hawk, a predator that likes squirrels. After the hawk had cried, the rodents were either exposed to background noise or songbirds talking occasionally. The latter differs greatly from "all-clears", which were not considered in the study. At the end of the audio section, the body language of each squirrel was examined for three minutes. Things were indeed going the other way. The squirrels, who heard birdsong after the hawk hid, came out of hiding earlier.

8 New York Squirrel Stubborn

In 2014, a study examined how urban squirrels adapted to city life. For them humans are predators. The study found that urban squirrels looked at people differently. In fact, they behaved like New Yorkers. People living with 8 million others in a city are experts in avoiding contact, even in crowded areas such as the sidewalk or subway. The examined squirrels were eastern shades of gray and lived in Manhattan's bustling Lower East Side. Like the people in town, the squirrels ignored most things on two legs. It seems that they no longer consider humans as true predators. While the rodents have lost most of their fear and even allow people near them, the study found that they did not like to be stared at. That and other little threatening hints made her run away. Fearless coexistence with humans, but knowing when to avoid them is crucial for any species that wants to survive in an urban environment. The New York squirrels have made it.

7 The deaths of the squirrel breeders

Brain inflammations (encephalitis) occur for various reasons. [4] However, when three men died of acute encephalitis, none of the usual cases occurred. Suspects were discovered. The victims had something in common. They all came from Germany and bred an exotic squirrel species, which is native to Latin America. Although they lived in different areas, the men met to talk and act with the colorful squirrels (Sciurus variegatoides). The hobby became deadly. Between 2011 and 2013, all breeders showed symptoms of encephalitis, fell into a coma and died. Confused by the lack of common causes, doctors did not find out about the squirrels until further testing found a virus belonging to the group of Borna pathogens, a group known to mammals, and their habit of interspecies jump. It was only a matter of time before the patients' hobbies appeared and the squirrels were tested. One was positive for VSBV-1, the virus found in the men's brain. Nobody knows where the virus is coming from and how the animal and the human were infected.

6 Prevention of Nutella

It sounds like a bad joke. [5] Hey, did you hear that Prince Charles wants to feed? Squirrel Nutella as a contraceptive? True story. The king is such a fan of the squirrel of the British Isles that he admitted he wanted to have one as a pet. The creature, however, is about to die in another type of squirrel. About 140 years ago, Eastern Gray from North America found its way to the islands. They proved fierce competition for the reds, but also came with a disease (parapoxvirus). The smallpox reduced the native squirrels to only 135,000 animals. To help the Red people, the Prince of Wales held a meeting with squirrel experts in 2017 and officially supported a strange plan. The Animal and Plant Health Office proposed the use of traps that only gray squirrels could penetrate. Once inside, the creatures are treated with Nutella drops. The spread will include GonaCon, a contraceptive that reduces rat fertility by 90 percent.

5 A stalking joker delays the flight

Animals with emotional support can serve a good cause. [6] You can bring comfort and camaraderie with people who are suffering from emotional or physical problems. When unconventional species make the cut, it gets weird. At the beginning of 2018, an "auxiliary peacock" and its owner were not allowed to board an airplane. A similar scenario happened later that year, but this time the animal was already on board. The squirrel was with his owner, who had booked a flight from Orlando to Cleveland. When the staff learned about the rodent, the woman was asked to leave the plane. She refused. The cops arrived. It got so hairy that the rest of the passengers had to get out and stay outside for two hours. The owner claimed that she had previously told Frontier Airlines that she was bringing a surrogate. Apparently she never mentioned that it was a squirrel, and rodents are not allowed in Frontier's planes. In the end, both the woman and her squirrel lost and were escorted by the police from the plane.

4 Police took a squirrel into custody

In 2018 rescue services in Germany received a call. [7] A man in Karlsruhe said he needed help because a baby squirrel chased him on the heels with great interest. He was not kidding. The police arrived and found that the caller was still unable to shake off the rodent's persecution. The exhausted squirrel suddenly curled up and fell asleep. The panicked man was not named for obvious reasons, but the police decided to call the sleeping baby Karl-Friedrich. After rescuing the victim, the squirrel was taken into custody to become a police mascot before being taken to an animal rescue center. The baby squirrel was not psychotic or a bit funny. A police spokeswoman said that if they were separated from their mothers, young squirrels could fix themselves on a person as surrogate parents. When the cops took Karl-Friedrich to the shelter, the center had received two more baby squirrels the same day – and they also tried to adopt unwilling human parents.

3 Purple Pete

Squirrel experts know a lot about their favorite rodent. [8] However, nobody could explain Pete. In 2008, this squirrel visited the Meoncross School in Stubbington. Under normal circumstances, he may have gone unnoticed, but it is difficult to see a light purple animal. Named Pete by staff and students, no one could explain why the normally gray animal looked like this, nor the even distribution of color. Spots suggested that the squirrel had encountered paint, but it was as if Pete had been born purple. As baffled as they were, the experts were sure of one thing. He was not a mutant and there was nothing natural about it. Squirrels nibble on everything, even non-biological stuff. That's why Pete liked to visit an old building near the school where old computer printers were kept. He could have gnawed on a purple cartridge and cared for the ink through his fur. However, it must have been the most thorough care in history to make up for the color so well.

2 Dead Art

Maurizio Cattelan is an Italian artist with a flair for controversial humor. [9] One of his most famous works is a piece that shows a meteorite hitting the pope. In 2012, a Cattelan exhibition was shown in the Whitechapel Gallery. In the lead role, for some reason, a dead squirrel was seen who may have committed suicide or not. The stuffed creature had slumped over a table with a tiny pistol on the floor, surrounded by a dirty kitchen and signs of alcohol – as if he had long since stopped living. The name of the work was Bidibidobidiboo, the spell the fairy godmother used to make Cinderella look great and catch a prince. The title was ironic, suggesting that not even magic could change the bad life of this squirrel. If you think no one would buy a dead rodent at a tiny Formica table, think again. The work was acquired 6 years before the exhibition and was lent by its owner Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, an avid Cattelan collector.

1 Flying Squirrels Glow Pink

In 2019, a professor using ultraviolet light lit a torch on a squirrel in Wisconsin. [10] The flying squirrel slid off and its color scared. Under the ultraviolet light, the animal's coat glowed fluorescent pink. As strange as that was, the moment was significant. Fluorescence is known in other parts of the animal kingdom. Reptiles, birds and arachnids have all kinds that shimmer. In mammals, however, only possums of the family Didelphidae have this feature. To find out if the squirrel was a coincidence, the researchers came across the Field Museum in Chicago and the Science Museum in Minnesota. They aimed ultraviolet light at 135 specimens of various species. Only three species of flying squirrels of the genus glaucoma became pink. An indication of the unusual coat could be a feature that they share with possums. Both are nocturnal. Non-flying squirrels tend to be daytime animals. It is plausible that glowing helps the glaucoma clan deal with its bad environment, including stealth, communication, and navigation.

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