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Plastic degrading bacteria A list list

This article is based on the study and analysis of the modifications that can improve the performance of the enzyme PETase (coded by Ideonella sakaiensis ) and the degradation capacity compared to different types of plastics. . Various experiments and measurements of its crystallographic structure have been carried out. The conclusions obtained lay the foundation for further research in this line and show that the activity of this enzyme can be optimized through protein engineering and adaptive evolution. In order to understand the article well, some terms of biochemistry are required, especially for the section related to the experimental part, since this section provides the necessary explanations to understand the reason why this enzyme only breaks down when certain types of plastics are effective, effectiveness that is related to the components of its active center and the type of enzyme-substrate bond that occurs.

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8). Characterization and construction of a plastic degrading aromatic polyesterase. PNAS (Procedure of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America), 115 (19), E4350-E4357.

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