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Pikachu could have looked like ‘A tiger with huge breasts’

If the essence of cuteness were routed through an algorithm and biotechnologically produced in a laboratory, it could resemble Pikachu. Everything about the tiny electric rodent, from its red cheeks to its fat belly to its jagged tail, seems inevitable in its delight, so it’s hard to imagine the front mouse of the $ 95 billion franchise looking any different. But Nintendo of America originally had other plans for Pikachu’s design, especially as “something like a tiger with huge breasts”.

Yes, we are horrified too.Pokemon animeYes, we are horrified too.

Here is the full quote from the Pokemon Company President, Tsunekazu Ishihara:

“At the time, it was generally believed that American children never wanted to play games with a lot of text. So we thought Pokemon would only have a 1

0% chance of success outside of Japan. The first time we showed some Pokemon in the US we were told , they are too cute.

The Americans submitted their ideas for replacement designs, but we just couldn’t believe what they suggested. They turned Pikachu into a tiger with huge breasts. It looked like a character from the musical cats. When I asked, “What is the Pikachu supposed to be like?” They said, “Now look, there is his cock right there.” Seriously, that was the kind of thing that was suggested. “

In retrospect, it’s easy to say that given Pokemon’s incredible success, this would have been a bad idea, but I think we’ll never know for sure. Perhaps somewhere in a parallel dimension, Pikachu stores immense amounts of electricity in his oversized nipples and shocked Ash (who may be a walking tuft of pubic hair with a ninja sword in this universe) into the kingdom. And maybe this iteration of Pokemon has brought the world $ 95 trillion instead of just $ 95 billion.

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