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Pictures of cats and wild animals in trapped strange places

Some time ago we showed you animals that used to ride other animals. Now we bring you (drum roll, please) cats and wild animals that are trapped in strange places! You never know where an animal will appear. This is not the case for most of us, as we usually do not let our dogs climb out of the second floor windows, and I bet you do not know anyone with a buffalo. Or maybe you do it. Do not judge But look at these photos and let us know if you have seen strangers. I wish the guy Justin talking in All Caps would catch some of it.

Elephant caught in a hole

  Elephant in a hole

Some may wonder how this elephant got into this hole. Others may ask how to get the elephant out of the hole. It is a glass empty, glass full. No it is not. It's what came first, the elephant or the … .never mind.

Cow is in a pole


Here you really have the wish, you could think of the animals' thoughts, among others. Listen to Doolittle. What in the world did this cow have to put his head through?

Alligator (or Crocodile?) Calling

  Gator Calling

Man, Avon is really desperate for new reruns.

Boaringing Kitchen


At least you had the foresight to place the trash can on the counter, where the boar? ) she could not reach.

Buffalo in the room


I've heard of the "elephant in the room," but the elephant is probably in a hole, so this is the next best thing. Hey Buffalo. They would make a better door than a window. Nudge a bit.

Carlisle the cat caught the amazing contortionist


And for my next trick …

Other cats in places

We can not say "weird for two reasons." 1. Nothing is stranger 2. Cats get into all sorts of places all the time, like these three:

  Cat Fridge

Guess it's time to turn down the heat.

  Cat Hanger

Reason 657 Kitty Side Pocket ” width=”450″ height=”287″ srcset=”http://www.digitalbusstop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Kitty-Side-Pocket.jpg 450w, http://www.digitalbusstop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Kitty-Side-Pocket-300×191.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 450px) 100vw, 450px”/>

Kitteh. Corner pocket.


 Captured in Law

"Really, sir. We only keep you in the car for your safety.


 Lion Bus

"Can this thing run faster? At Macy's there is a laundry sale!


Dogs can do some pretty funny things.

  Do not jump

This requires one of two incorrect conversions.

. 1 Firefighters: "You have every reason to live!" Dog: "No, I do not!"

2. Dog: "You will never suspect that! Bombs away!

 Dog Beer

I do not care if it's a photo. I want a dog just like that.

 I can see my house from here

"People! Guys! GUYS! I can see my house from here!


 Monkey Biscuit

The camping trip was not great. Joey got poison ivy everywhere and a monkey ate all the cookies. Next year we drive to Vegas.


 The Service Here Sucks

"Ho hum. The service here is really shitty. "


 Tiger" width = "500" height = "309" srcset = "http://www.digitalbusstop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/ 11 / Tiger-House. jpg 500w, http://www.digitalbusstop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Tiger-House-300x185.jpg 300w "Sizes =" (max width: 500px) 100VW, 500px "/> [19659053"PutthecamerasawayandIunlockthedoorIdoNOTwanttobewithCOPSagain</p><div><script async src=


 Sheep Roof

Use the Schäferwitz here

 Ram Wire

And here, while you're at it. [19659002] And finally

 The dangers of flooding

As if floods were not dangerous alone, we have to worry THIS.

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