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Parrots have been removed from a zoo in England

If you’ve ever found your dog’s favorite toy, between pillows or under a pile of loose dirt in the back yard, then you probably understood that dogs love to bury things. Like many of their behaviors, digging is an instinct. But where does this impulse come from?

Cesar’s Way explains that before dogs were domesticated and enjoyed sacks of processed dog food in a bowl by their helpful human friends, they were responsible for feeding themselves. When they caught a meal, it was important to keep other dogs from running away with it. She had to be buried to protect her food supply. Disguising under dirt kept other dogs away from the smell.

This behavior persists even if a dog knows that nibbles are on the menu. It can also manifest itself when a dog has more on its plate than it can enjoy at the same time. The floor is a good place to store something for later.

But food isn̵

7;t the only reason a dog starts digging. If they snapped something from you, like a television remote, they may be expressing a desire to play.

Some dog breeds are more prone to digging than others. Terriers, dachshunds, beagles, basset hounds, and miniature schnauzers dig more often than others, although pretty much every dog ​​exhibits the behavior at times. While nothing is inherently harmful, you should always be sure that a dog in your yard is not exposed to lawn care products or other chemicals that could prove to be harmful. You should probably also keep your remote control somewhere safe before the dog decides to move it for you.

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