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Oscars 2019 – Hollow sorry

. 11 February 2020

Passion for art, frequent visitor to exhibitions, specialist in widewalls photography and editor-in-chief.

February is the Oscar season for film lovers. For art lovers, this means that Plastic Jesus reveals another of his visual comments on the subject.

These installations could now be seen as a tradition – this is only the seventh time that the street has its seat in LA. The artist made headlines with his witty, in a nutshell art. But it's not just his Oscar-related pieces that can be described like this, it's all of his work, from sarcastic paste-ups to intelligent guerrilla projects that include the tiny wall surrounding Donald Trump's Hollywood star, fake Donald Trump dollars and two were built Huge cocaine scraps were installed on the sidewalk, which were accompanied by a rolled-up $ 1

00 bill and an American Express card.

The art of Plastic Jesus is inspired by world news, the urban environment, culture and politics to light up some of these dark corners of society. “

Like most of his works, the artworks that beat Oscars are only left in place for a limited time and then removed in order to damage the environment as little as possible. He even invites citizens who don't want his artwork on their property to call him so he can remove it.

Let's take a look at Plastic Jesus' seven years of making fun of the best in the film industry.

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