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Online courses and activities that you can perform during quarantine

At Mental Floss we always strive to learn new things and develop new skills. If you've decided to start a new hobby or just need to figure out how to do some home repairs yourself, you've come to the right place. Here we have put together 50 YouTube tutorials that will give you all the basics to learn both fun (like poker or calligraphy) and practical things (like CPR or cleaning a cast iron pan). Have fun with your studying!

1. How To Whistle

This will definitely take some practice, but it will be useful if you ever need to call a taxi, call a dog, or catch someone's attention from a distance. The video shows you exactly how to position your mouth to get the perfect pipe.

2. How to clog a sink

With everyday blockages you can often avoid the plumber by using the chemicals sensibly. The principles Pan the Organizer applies here are the same ones that burst your volcano at the primary school science fair ̵

1; baking soda and white vinegar, plus a few heavy portions of boiling water. It's a method that works great for people who have little time, patience, or tolerance for plumbing cracks.

3. How To Make Kombucha

Kombucha may seem complicated, but with a little bit of know-how, it is actually one of the easiest drinks to make at home. All you need is a SCOBY (a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, the Kombucha starter, sometimes referred to as the "mother"), tea bags, sugar, water, and a large glass. Follow the recipe, set it aside, and watch it ferment for between one and four weeks before filling and cooling.

4. How To Read Quickly

If you've decided to read more books this year, this is the tutorial for you. Storage expert Ron White demonstrates some techniques that can help you double, triple, or even quadruple your reading speed. One of the tips is to stop subvocalization or to read aloud with "silent language" in your head. A little brook in the background doesn't hurt either.

5. How to Remove Stains from a Couch or Carpet

Stains are a fact of life, but if you watch Oprah's stain removal method in this Vanity Fair video, they're a little easier to take – and remove. Her secret is several cans of club soda that loosen the stain and make it bubble, followed by a modest use of dish soap. Here you will not only learn a practical trick, but you will also see Oprah's face light up with joy as she watches the club soda at work. Who doesn't love bubbles?

6. How to build a campfire

Grab tinder, lighter and firewood and let REI show you how to make a great campfire in this video. The instructor not only teaches you how to build a classic fire in a tipi style, but also explains the "log house technology" and the "pyramid technology". These two types of long-lasting campfires require minimal attention, giving you more time to eat another sweet.

7. How to Ride a Bike

For the young at heart who want to frolic in the spring and frolic in the meadows (or just want to teach some kids an ability that you never fully master), a bike is a much more accessible gymnastics goal than: a rear hand spring. Warm up a few stretches, and then follow these instructions on how to find your dominant side, where to place your feet and arms, and how to start stretching your legs for an appearance of grace.

8. How to remove a red wine stain

First dab as much liquid as possible out of the stain. Then pour cold water on the fabric, followed by a generous pour of salt. Next, take boiling water and pour it over the stain. Let it sit for a while. If this is not enough, mix one part of vinegar and two parts of water and let the stain soak in this solution. Throw it in the laundry to make it look like new. Then pour yourself another glass of red.

9. How to repair a candle with a buried wick

If you can't light your favorite candle because the wick was buried with wax, it is relatively easy to fix the problem. According to eHow Home, all you have to do is heat the candle with a flashlight or other heat source (a hair dryer works as long as you watch out for splashes) so that the top layer of wax melts. Then pour off the hot wax to expose the lost wick. Heat the candle until you have melted and poured enough wax to expose a significant piece of wick. You can straighten the wick with tweezers or other tools, and then light the candle again.

10. How to say "hello" in almost 50 languages ​​

You may already know namaste and konnichiwa but what about zdravo [19459090] ahoj ] or annyeong ? Let Lingualizer lead you to intercultural greetings in 46 different languages. Whether you're planning a trip around the world or just want to impress at a party, this two-minute tutorial will help you find friends no matter where you go.

11. How to change a tire

Sometimes you have to be your own breakdown service, so Howdini's quick and easy tutorial on how to get back on the track after a flat tire is a must. You will not only learn how to assemble a spare part, but also how to do it safely and without the risk of injury from passing traffic.

12. How to Tie a Tie

Never fear another formal event with this guide on how to tie a tie with a simple knot. Only four steps – behind, across, out and through – have to be mastered. After minimal practice, you should be able to knot in less than 10 seconds.

13. How to Cut an Onion (Without Crying)

You don't have to break out the industrial glasses every time you chop onions. It is possible to prepare the ingredient without crying over your cutting board – you just need to know what part of the spicy vegetables you want to avoid.

14. How to Survive a Shark Attack

In the extremely rare, infinite chance that a shark will attack you, Joe Bereta of Epic How To has some tips. First, avoidance is key: stay away from the water at night, do not swim near river deltas where sharks like to hunt small fish, and never swim in Florida's open waters. If you encounter a shark, keep calm, stay vertical in the water (it's harder to bite you this way) and move quickly towards the shore. If the shark doesn't understand the clue, hit it on the nose with a stone or your fist and just go away.

15. How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Cooking great food with a cast iron skillet is easy. It is the part that comes after eating that prevents many home cooks from owning this essential kitchen device. Unlike some other pans, you can't put a dirty cast iron pan in the dishwasher. Scrubbing it with soap will damage the pan's spice layer, and leaving it lying around wet can rust. Fortunately, cleaning and seasoning a cast iron skillet isn't so daunting (rub it with a mild oil like flaxseed or vegetable oil – not olive oil!).

16. How To Make A Bed Right

Have you ever wondered how hotels can make their bedding look so perfect? It's a skill that you can easily master with this HGTV primer when creating a Four Seasons-ready bedding ensemble, including how to hide a proper "hospital corner" at the foot of the bed. You will even learn the secret to crispy, wrinkle-free leaves. (Note: It is not ironed.)

17. How To Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Have you ever tried to cook an egg and there was a mushy, sulphurous mess? Tasty is here to help. Put the eggs in a saucepan, cover completely with water and bring to a boil. Then remove the pot from the stove and cover with a lid. The timing is important: with soft-boiled eggs, keep the pan covered for 4 to 6 minutes. for medium-hard 8 to 10 minutes and for hard 14 to 16 minutes. Then take them to a quick ice bath to make peeling easier and enjoy!

18th How do I create a simple bouquet?

Would you like to personalize a romantic gift? Flowers are always welcome – but a beautiful bouquet made with your own two hands (and creative skills) is even better. Prepare the flower and fill greens by peeling the stems from thorns or excess leaves, arranging them in three equal bunches with the fire flowers carried by the accent greens, and then tying the three bunches together with a cord. This clip even shows you how to wrap your bouquet in brown paper to get a look straight from the farmers market. This ability will come in handy on Mother's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and beyond.

19th How to Become a Better Dancer in Three Steps

No matter how awkward or insecure you may be (and you are not alone), there comes a time when everyone has to proudly walk on the dance floor or (maybe) die trying . Fortunately, this video from The Wall Street Journal breaks down the art of dancing into three easy steps: finding the basics of music; Crotch with feet; and try variations of the step touch to make it your own. It's an incredibly easy way to make the terrible task of dancing in front of friends and relatives a little less daunting.

20. How to save a burnt cake

Take your cake and then eat it too. Baking a cake takes so much work, and with this simple trick that uses a simple cheese grater to smooth out blackened sections, you can avoid the massive dropping of a burned dessert. It is even better that the same trick works for bread.

21. How to play the piano

Even if you have never taken piano lessons as a child, you can learn the basics with this series of short lessons. Whether you learn the names of the individual keys (as in this four-minute clip) or the follow-up videos for playing various major and minor chords, a few minutes on YouTube will surely take you beyond the "Chopsticks" level.

22. How To Repair Drywall

Repairing a hole in drywall isn't necessarily the sexiest skill, but is one of the most satisfying – and essential. Use this video from Lowe's instead of hiring a handyman to repair it. It will guide you through the corrections for everything from tiny holes (which require some spatula and a drywall knife) to dents on the door knobs (you'll need a patch kit). to larger holes (get drywall, fur strips and tape!). They may seem intimidating, but it's surprisingly easy to tinker with.

23. How to Hit a Baseball

Many people can attest to the difficulty of hitting a baseball; Some even said it was the most difficult "in the galaxy". However, this video from ProSwingNY divides basic logistics into just seven basic steps, from squaring to jug to breathing. It may not bring you to the top league, but it will surely give you a big advantage!

24. Juggling

Juggling is one of those skills that looks difficult but is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. This video will help you juggle three balls at the same time, starting with the basics (learn to throw a ball back and forth with your eyes closed) until you feel comfortable adding the second and third ball.

25. How to Pack a Suitcase

This video from Heathrow uses flight attendant tips to help travelers maximize space in their suitcases. First set out everything you want to bring, and then eliminate a third of it. Shoes go first: put your underwear and socks in and then put your shoes up to your toes in the heel of your suitcase. Pack the space between them with soft items like T-shirts (roll them up if you have to!). Next, layer bulky items like jeans and clothes by alternately tucking each item in half in the suitcase. Then fold the parts outside the case back into the case. The next layer is a bag for your dirty clothes, over which you can pack items like toiletries and books (make sure they're in the middle!). Snake belt around the inside edge of your suitcase. The last layer is collared shirts.

26. How to improve your handwriting

Almost every handwriting can turn into illegible chicken scratches without practice and care. If you want to spice up your writing skills, this tutorial will guide you through some tips that you may have forgotten over the years, such as: B. how you shouldn't beautify italic loops and the right distance is key.

27. Calligraphy

If you master italics and want to take your writing skills to the next level or just want to improve your next handwritten invitation, this guide to modern calligraphy will give you a broad spectrum of the basics. First practice each letter individually to get used to doing a thin upward and a thick downward stroke – and while you're at it, you can refine your preferred font style.

28. How to get wax from a tablecloth

Candle wax on the tablecloth is one of those inevitable realities of a dinner party. But you won't cry over spilled wax if you have this video from Real Simple that shows how to remove the molten material from the fabric in two (or less) simple steps: Freeze the waxed fabric first Then scrape off the wax with a knife and throw the item into the laundry. If there is any wax left, it's time to get out wax paper and an iron.

29. Biking

Biking is a great way to get around the city – and a fun way to stay in shape – but if you haven't learned as a child, riding on two wheels can be quite daunting. This video from Cycling UK makes it easier to learn to ride as an adult and divides every step to guide you properly. One particularly important fact is highlighted: Practice makes perfect!

30. How to make balloon animals

Balloon animals are irresistible. If you want to be a hit at the next kids birthday party you attend, this Balloon Animals video how to make a balloon dog is the place to be. It's usually the first animal that Twister learns, and since it requires three "lock" turns (on the ears and on each leg set), you'll learn how to make a robust animal from the start.

31. How to Knit

Although it may seem daunting at first glance, knitting is one of those skills that become more and more rewarding over time. This guide takes a look at the very first step of knitting: putting it on. Let the soothing voice of Kristen Mangus from Goodknit Kisses guide you as you learn to make your first stitch. Once you've mastered this skill, GoodKnit Kisses offers hundreds of other videos with different techniques and tutorials to get you started.

32. How to make a paper plane

The fun with paper planes often lies in the adjustment (note: fancy wing fins), but also in the satisfaction of a successful flight. This video shows you how to build not only an airplane that will fly, but one that flies quickly . When you've got the hang of it, you can add more embellishments.

33. How To Do A Magic Trick

What is a great way to make your presence felt at every event you attend? Magic of course. This video from Troom Troom SELECT shows you how to prepare and perform not just one, but 20 completely different magic tricks. Every bit is for beginner wizards, but they'll still blind your unsuspecting audience.

34. How to teach your cat high five

Cats are notorious for doing only what they want, but don't be fooled: they can be trained. To teach your cat how to do high-five, provide yourself with a treat that she loves, find an area that does not distract, and get her to hit the treat. Interrupt the beating with your hand, make a click and give it the treat; to repeat. As with any skill, practice makes perfect. So stick to the tips in this video from Women's Day – your cat will be high-fiving in no time.

35. How to Meditate

Maybe you are stressed out about the last paper you have in a week, or there is a family gathering to put together. It is important to find ways to help your brain relax – and one of those ways is meditation. Achieving serenity isn't always easy, but this video divides the process into five easy steps: having the right place, keeping your spine straight, preparing before mediation, focusing on your breath, and watching without judgment.

36. Coding

Coding – a.k.a. Computer programming – is one of the most desirable and valuable skills in the workplace of the 21st century. The complex system of symbols, letters, and commands can be intimidating, and learning the basics takes much longer than many of the other skills on this list. However, if you start with this Clever Programmer video, you can better understand what to look for in an online course and how to narrow down which language makes the most sense for you and your goals. Think of this as a tutorial before you start your tutorials.

37. Diving

If you have ever seen the Summer Olympics, you may have been impressed by the way athletes have made diving so elegant. While this video by Sikana English cannot guarantee you a place on the podium, it shows you three methods – pencil, sitting and standing diving – for beginners that will allow you a graceful entry into the water. [19659002] 38. How to Play Poker

You don't know a flush from a flop? In less than 10 minutes, let PokerStars teach you a few professional Texas Hold & # 39; em UK players to help you learn the most important terms and the hierarchy of betting hands.

39. How To Drive Stick

The Driving Stick is almost a lost art form these days, but the delicate dance between clutch, brake, accelerator and shifting can be mastered using Jalopnik's six-minute video. The goal is to avoid stalling the car. To do this, push the clutch all the way down to shift gears and brake, and then slowly release the clutch while pressing the accelerator. For your maiden voyage, it may be helpful to have someone in the passenger seat who will give you instructions.

40. How To Moonwalk

Learn to mimic the moves that made the King of Pop famous with this helpful guide from DZRCK, a dancer who has a plethora of hip-hop tutorials on his YouTube channel. In this video, he divides the magical glide of the moon walk into three easy-to-understand steps (and also addresses basic mistakes that beginners regularly make).

41. Basic CPR

CPR saves lives – just ask Michael Scott. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is easy to understand (especially if you keep an eye on this playlist), but it is more complicated than it seems and updated information on the right techniques has changed over the years. This short, 2-minute guide covers basic CPR with compression only.

42. Playing chess

With over 100 million different variations of possible games, chess is the opposite of what you could simply call it. This video from Triple S Games doesn't make you a chess wizard, but it does provide a brief explanation of the basic principles of the game, including the rules and how the individual pieces can move. Who knows you could get addicted!

43. How to Play Billiards

If you have seen films with characters who enjoy a good hustle and bustle, there is a possibility that it is a game of billiards. But it's not always as easy as it looks on the screen. In this FargoBilliards video, you'll learn how to play pool in less than 10 minutes. The next time you're at a local bar, you won't be ashamed to pretend to be Paul Newman.

44. How to play the guitar

At some point, the attraction of being a rock star probably came to mind. This video from onlineguitarschool may not take you on the path of eternal glory, but it does give you the steps you need to start your journey in less than 10 minutes, including an explanation of how each part of the guitar works and what it does have the chords and strings on them. There is even a helpful mnemonic, "Elephants and donkeys grow big ears" so you can remember the order of the strings!

45. How to take better photos

Ever heard of the "rule of thirds"? Using the grid function in your camera app (or by conjuring up a mental grid), you want to position the most interesting elements of the photo along the points where these lines intersect. This can be a person standing on one side of the frame or a tree in the lower left corner. The unbalanced effect makes your photo all the more attractive. In this video, landscape photographer Joshua Cripps explains how you can make your next vacation photos the envy of your entire network.

46. How To Freeze A Cake Like A Pro

If you've ever cut into a homemade cake and found the icing steps inside look a little crooked, this video from Martha Stewart's Kitchen Problems is for you. As host Thomas Joseph shows, all you need is a frozen cake, a serrated knife, an ice cream scoop and – the secret ingredient – a rotating cake stand.

47. How to Fold T-Shirts to Maximize Drawer Space

Let your drawers be fun. Although this guide requires a folding tool (like this one), you can get the tight crease for your various shirts without one. Once you get the hang of it, your dresser drawers will appear much more spacious (not to mention pretty if you can color-code them too).

48. How to Order Wine in a Restaurant

Multi-page wine menus can be intimidating, even for those who have a general idea of ​​what they like. However, this short tutorial from a Texas sommelier will give you the basics of pairing dishes, price ranges, and what to say when ordering. (Note: If you buy in a jar, the second cheapest option is the best choice.)

49. How To Beatbox

Do you ever try to repeat the cool beat you heard on the radio, but your unpolished skills produce a sound reminiscent of a car malfunction? Have no fear; This video from Howcast teaches the basics of beatboxing in just seven steps. All you need is your mouth and a rhythm that you can focus on.

50. How to Fold an Origami Crane

Folding paper planes is a satisfactory endeavor, but sometimes you may have greater demands on paper folding. Origami is in many ways the next step in this hierarchy of paper processing. This video from EzOrigami gives you detailed instructions on how to create the legendary crane model. All you need is a square sheet of paper.

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