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Old widow enters restaurant alone, has no idea that man is watching her

Smoke and mirrors

She didn’t want to acknowledge him, but she had to. She stared at the young man with eye-catching eyes. He was taller than her and had his headset pressed against the ceiling light. Was she looking at a halo?

She was seduced, she tried to catch her breath and calm down, she suspected who he was, but could it be true?

Dinner alone

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Eleanor Baker is 80 years old. She decided she wanted to have dinner, it was the first time she had come to a restaurant since her husband died. She would dine alone tonight at Brad̵

7;s Bar-B-Que in Oxford, Alabama.

She had gathered enough courage to walk through the door alone, now she would eat alone and reflect on her sadness. At least the restaurant had an all-you-can-eat special. But she would soon find out she wasn’t getting this.

Did she notice!

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Three people noticed that she was going inside, they decided that they would follow while she hadn’t noticed them.

She had just sat down at a small table and knew it would be her refuge for the next hour. She put her bag on the seat next to her and went over to put some food on her plate. Her husband would have warned her not to leave her belongings, as he had done so many times before, but he was gone now.

A love lost

Next avenue

There was plenty to eat for her, and she found a lot to like. She also got the food that her husband loved, it was a habit of hers. She had spent most of her life with him and wanted to try to hold on to everything that reminded her of him.

She was in no hurry, she wanted to enjoy this experience, the first without her husband. She just wanted to break out of the routine she’d followed since her husband’s death.


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The three men who followed her stood at a table near Eleanors. They looked at what they had left on the table and made sure no one else was watching them.

They didn’t take their eyes off their bag. Eleanor sat back down with her meal and they got excited. He couldn’t help it. He had to tell her, but what would he tell her?


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When she sat down again, she noticed the items she had left at her table. She smiled and thought of her husband who berated her for being so forgetful. It had only gotten worse since then.

But then she remembered that her husband always watched her things when she ordered. It was a bad habit now that he was gone.

Convincing moment

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She looked at the seat on the other side of the table and saw one of the three men staring at her. She didn’t care much about it, but then he got up from his chair and made his way over to her.

She didn’t want to acknowledge his presence, so she looked at her food. What did this man want? It didn’t look like he was going to give up that easily.

A heavenly sight

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When he was a few yards from her, she couldn’t help but look up at him. All she saw were his beautiful eyes and his headset glowing in the light. She couldn’t understand what she was seeing.

She swallowed some of her food in one gulp and kept looking at him. His face looked very familiar, but where did it come from?

Familiar face


She rearranged her food so he had room to sit next to him. She couldn’t help but keep looking into his eyes. It was like he had a universal knowledge that he was too young for.

But she still felt a deeper connection with him. It was like she’d met him before. As if he had known her all his life. He said he would be back, but first he had to order something to eat. Even the way he walked was so reminiscent of something she knew.

A big family

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He placed his order and after waiting a while came back with some food. Then she realized something. She couldn’t help but let the tears run down her face. Then he looked at her and asked about her husband.

She explained everything about him and how she was now a widow. And although she still had many family members, they didn’t live near her, so they never visited her. But what was to come was nothing short of a miracle.

Divine things

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“It was a divine cause,” she said, “I think God sent me there”. With his unusually clear and wise eyes, he told her not to worry about her husband. He told her he missed her and was waiting for her, but happy so should be her too.

She collapsed, it was as if he had been sent from heaven. What was it before Why did he feel so familiar? who was he?

Kindred spirit

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The young man Jamario Howard reminded Baker of her late husband. The food he ordered was all his favorites. The way he spoke, the way he walked, his kind and caring demeanor when he asked for a seat.

It was like her husband or God was speaking through him to tell her it was going to be okay. But what was Howard’s story?

Offer from companies

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Howard was with his friends, a group of young men in their twenties, when he noticed Baker was sitting alone. His heart ached at the lonely sight and he decided to do something about it.

“He just came up and said I saw you sitting here alone and he said, do you mind having company?” Said Baker.

Joy and comfort

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Baker enjoyed his company and even more so when his friends came along. She hadn’t bonded with anyone like that since her husband died.

Baker still regards him as her savior at a crucial time of need. He gave her a smile as well as a little closure. Howard and his friends had a lot to say about her too.

A better world

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“When you make that kind of connection with someone, it’s hard to let go,” said one of his friends. You continue to meet with Baker.

Howard explains why, “I’m not rich, I’m not famous, and I’m not very smart either, so I can’t be a president. But we can show the world that it’s okay to be kind. Then maybe the world will soon be a much better place. “

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