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Oh, we are approaching the future of the "demolition man"

Delayed sequels to Sylvester Stallone films were a mixed thing; Sure, the Creed films were pretty good, but the latest Rambo entry played out like a Breitbart article written by a sentient machete. So we're not entirely skeptical of the news that, according to Stallone, a follow-up to Demolition Man is in progress. Even more worrying is the way in which reality itself is slowly becoming the future, which is portrayed in the 1993 film.

Bit by bit, society is paving the way for the year 2032 of the Demolition Man . Like our current lack of toilet paper, which of course opens the field for a new alternative way of cleaning your asshole – which may or may not include three shells.

  Oh, we are approaching the future of the "demolition man" [1[ads1]9659004] Warner Bros. </span></p>
<p>  With the COVID-19 pandemic that is devastating the restaurant industry, this may explain why there will only be a company-owned chain restaurant in the future Taco Bell there. Although this theory doesn't explain why their food no longer looks like mysterious meat from a pickup truck squeezed into a dirty hammock. </p><div><script async src=

  Oh, we're approaching the future of the Warner Bros.

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