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O Diam em que a Primavera Virou Outono (The day when spring turned autumn), 2014

29th December 2015

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With their yellow trademarks they adorn the walls around the world, the Dreamland Artist Club on Coney Island, a Boeing 737 from GOL Airlines, the silos of the Vancouver Biennial, just to name a few. They are known as Os Gemeos, Portuguese for "the twins," which is exactly what they are.

The graffiti and murals of Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo come from the hip-hop culture that reached Brazil and her hometown of Sao Paulo in the 1

980s, when the brothers began as a break dancer and then dealt with street art. Today her art is a proud representative of the culture and tradition of her country, as colorful, patterned and rich in history as possible. It has been heavily influenced by the pixação graffiti movement based in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which consists of cryptic markings usually attached to abandoned buildings. Many of her characters are based on their own experiences or family members.

Os [1969006] In the course of her career, Gemeos also produced many works on canvas that were as fascinating as her mural when it came to listening to quality and theme. So far, a total of 64 of her artworks have been sold on art auctions for $ 3,780,099. Its most successful year was 2014 with twelve successful sales, although this list of the most expensive six-figure artworks is mainly paintings from the mid-2000s. Among them are canvases, mixed media on wood and glass and panels, as well as an installation of Plexiglas, mirrors, wood and spray paint. The sales rate of their artworks is over 72%. So if you are a fan of your fascinating cartoon world, we recommend it!

Click here to view all the artworks of Os Gemeos at auctions, and see their works of art at the most expensive pieces, scroll down!

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