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NYC hipster ‘New York Times’ profiles continue to be absolutely unbearable

New York is not doing well. Haunted by the worst outbreak in the United States, the city still fluctuates in multiples 9/11 Value of COVID 19 deaths. So a good time out loud The New York Timesto create a profile that shows the world how a real New Yorker copes with such a crisis. By showing kindness? By encountering burning towers? By refusing to exterminate Spider-Man? No, apparently it’s about doing everything about them.

Ben Markham is a 28-year-old former submarine officer, engineering student, and big Beatles fan, born in Jupiter, Florida. (He once made a cover of one of Lennon̵

7;s songs exactly where the man was murdered and talked about fan targets). But above all, Markham tells that New York Timesis that he is a Real New Yorker – even though they lived there for less than a year. “I think I may have always been a New Yorker, I just had to go here first,” Markham proudly admits, forgetting that the first rule at the New York Club is that you don’t always mention that you’re in New York Club.

New York streets with people walking through traffic.
The New York Club’s second rule is: Always remind people to go for a walk here.

And Markham is like other “real New Yorkers” strong suffer from the coronavirus pandemic – according to Markham, the Times and nobody else. His NOW The profile starts with an overlapping metaphor, as this Upper West Side Nero tells a Beatles cover band (the great thing) The Meetles) to continue playing while New York is burning to say goodbye. Where is Markham going? Is he one of the hundreds, once thousands of New Yorkers who have to be? taken to the hospital catch because of COVID-19? He is one of the countless tenants to be thrown out of their homes during a health crisis because landlords are indescribable capitalist monsters? No, he only has to move to the East Side because dwindling rental income has closed his building. His landlord even helped him move.

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