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Now save an additional 20 percent on these 10 gadgets

Get a deal on the gadget you wanted without waiting for Amazon Prime Day. With the code OCTSALE20 you will receive a further 20 percent discount on these unique tools and things in the Mental Floss Shop until October 13th.

1. High resolution monocular telescope; $ 38 (with coupon)

With this portable, lightweight monocular telescope that magnifies a face up to 1,000 meters away, you can get in touch with anyone even when the social distance is extreme. It’s also the perfect companion for concerts and live sports across the board.

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2. Star Galaxy night light projector; $ 56 (with coupon)

The cooling temperatures keep you indoors, but you don̵

7;t have to forego the ambience outdoors. This projector creates a mood in a relaxed night sky in eight different color modes.

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3. Wizap Monster 360 three-in-one mosquito trap; $ 72 (with coupon)

Bring this three-in-one mosquito trap on the nights when you venture outside. It attracts mosquitoes with a UV lamp and soaks them up so that they (literally) are not in your hair.

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4. Biogrit massage gun + eight interchangeable massage heads (carbon fiber); $ 112 (with coupon)

Targeted muscle relief is possible without an expensive massage appointment. This massage gun has eight massage heads and adjustable speeds to help relieve muscle fatigue, stiffness and cramps.

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5. Nix Mini Color Sensor V2; $ 67 (with coupon)

With this real eyedropper, you can identify just about any color you can recognize. This is a great way to save your favorite color palettes to share and use later.

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6. Pictar Home Office Kit; $ 72 (with coupon)

Enhance your webcam look during meetings or online courses with this kit, which includes a wide angle lens, lighting and flexible tripod for easy positioning anywhere.

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7. Cleantray UV Light sterilization case; $ 56 (with coupon)

You’ve probably heard that your smartphone carries tons of bacteria. Kill 99.99 percent of these germs in just five minutes with this UV light sterilization case.

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8. Triple Dock // three-in-one charging station for Apple devices; $ 54 (with coupon)

Avoid cable clutter with this trendy wooden charging station. It will quickly spice up your desk or nightstand by removing the clutter and adding a stylish flair

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9. Striiv Bio Two Plus Fitness Tracker Watch; $ 10 (with coupon)

This wearable does all the things you’d expect – like monitoring your heart rate, calorie consumption, sleep, and more – at a fraction of the price of other brands.

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10. Copper.Ion Mask // pack of 10; $ 79 (with coupon)

The copper in this five-layer mask helps minimize the bacteria and odors that build up after prolonged use. The mask itself offers a tight fit and the adjustable ear loops allow you to adjust it for custom comfort.

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