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Now every fandom wants his snyder cut

The Snyder Cut will finally see the light of day, even though Warner Bros. basically had to invent one, since there can’t be a suppressed Director’s Cut if you have to pump millions into reshoots to make it. In reality, there has never been a snyder cut as much as an irritated social media attack by legitimate fans to get a studio for a brand new film. Cool. This is a very cool precedent that is already paying the worst dividends.

You might remember Suicide squad as one of the other terrible DC movies. Some fans are hoping for James Gunn’s sequel / restart to save the promise of the original. You may not have to now because David Ayer, the director of the first, wants his own director’s release. Inspired by Justice League The brave fight of the fan to re-release a bad film, a war of stars Fan has launched a Change.org petition to get George Lucas to publish the 4-hour cut of Revenge of the Sith. This is despite the fact that Lucas is known to no longer have the rights to the series and made all the settings for Lucasfilm when he made the film. The fans tried to bump the last one Fantastic Four The film̵

7;s director, Josh Trank, launched a similar campaign to release a hypothetically better cut, which he shot down fairly quickly.

The locks have opened. Now every defender of a film, which we have all generally believed to be hot trash, will require that they get an alternate cut of a film. All in the faint hope that there is something in it to justify the time they spent shouting about how good a movie is for people who don’t care enough to defend themselves. In case of Revenge of the Sith Man, what he wants isn’t necessarily a “director’s cut,” like Ridley Scott’s films tend to have director’s cut that make his bad or mediocre films masterpieces (see, Blade runner and Heavenly Kingdom). This guy wants the early, ugly, bloated cut that every director puts together first and that contains almost everything he shot. It’s like asking a potter to keep this vase because you want that big wet drop of unshaped clay over there.

This prolapsed anus will show you. It will show them all! Pexels / Pixabay“This prolapsed anus will show it to them. It will show them all!”

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