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Novel bookwallets on Kickstarter Dental floss

You may not be able to travel around the world and try global cuisine at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that all foods outside our borders are unreachable. Thanks to the internet and a subscription box service called Bokksu, treats made abroad can now be delivered directly to you – at least as far as Japanese snacks are concerned.

Bokksu is a monthly subscription box that delivers authentic Japanese snacks, teas and sweets right on your doorstep. It is available in two versions, depending on your commitment. First, there is the Classic plan, which contains between 20 and 25 snacks per box. Next up is the tasting schedule, which contains between 1

0 and 14. Whether you’re a nostalgic ex-expat who can’t wait to relive some Japanese culinary memories, or a careful sampler who hates traveling and just wants something new to nibble on, there’s one on the couch Bokksu box that suits your needs

Each Bokksu delivery includes a snack and tea pairing that deals with different Japanese regions, certain flavors, the current season, or other cultural contexts. Previous boxing topics include “Sunny Okinawa”, “Tangy Citrus” and “Rainbow Birthday” (a celebration of Bokksu’s fourth anniversary). And every new customer starts their journey with the “Seasons of Japan Bokksu” box, which contains snack and tea pairings for each of the four seasons.

Any tea selected for inclusion in a Bokksu box is made by Japanese family businesses that are over 100 years old. And if you want to learn more about your new favorite snacks, all Bokksu shows come with a magazine that provides background information on each item in the box.

A Classic Bokksu subscription costs $ 45 a month, while the smaller Tasters boxes cost $ 30. However, any plan you choose can save you money by subscribing for three or twelve months. Three months of Classic Bokksu cost $ 39 a month and a full year $ 37 a month. The Tasters plan costs $ 26 a month for three months and just $ 25 a month for twelve months. You can stop or cancel your plan at any time.

Visit the official Bokksu website today to learn more.

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