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Notification by Divisional Forest Officer

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<p>  The latest news is that no motorcycles are allowed to drive to Sandakphu Many cyclists return from Sandakphu Checkpost 31 km away to Sandakphu and 3 km from Chitrey </p>
<h2><strong>  Sandakphu by bicycle is not allowed from now on (April 2018) </strong></h2>
<p><strong>  The message was recently declared by the Divisional Forest Officer <br /></strong></p>
<p><strong>  This notice is pending as of April 2018. </strong></p><div><script async src=

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Why are Cyclists in Sandakphu not allowed?

A few days ago, a group of cyclists destroyed trees, rhododendron plants during their journey, also polluted many areas in Sandakphu, leaving their used plastics, food packaging, back there. The Singalila National Park / Forest became a Gardbage trash can, the locals found broken liquor, alcohol bottles on the street, this group also played loud music i For this reason many animals, including red pandas, escaped on the Nepalese side. Residents complained about it to DFO while the DFO visited the site for investigation, and later he explained this message recently.

Do you allow cars and bikes for Sandakphu Trip?

Do not worry, cars, cyclists and trekkers are allowed to do Sandakphu-Trip.

Last Update (April 11, 5:46 pm): I contacted one of my local Sherpa friends, Gopal from Dhotrey. He told me that motorcycles are now completely prohibited. He also told me that there is another problem, such as recently, when the Sandakphu top of cars and motorcycles was overcrowded and while road construction is going on, it becomes difficult to complete the job. Therefore, the decision was made.

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