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New Star Wars Day merchandise

If you've recently spent more time at home and are slowly running out of movies and shows on Netflix, you can use your free time to start a new hobby. Whether you're brewing your own beer, growing your own herbal tea leaves, or learning a new language, there's a way to do it without having to leave home. Check out some of our favorite hobbies at home to get you started.

1. Learning a New Language

While thinking about learning a new language can awaken unpleasant memories of vocabulary, flash cards, and pop quizzes, Rosetta Stone doesn't teach this. Instead, you can use this virtual language service to learn on your own schedule by offering shorter lessons that focus on real communication scenarios rather than typical classroom exercises. The program has more than 30 languages. With a subscription, you get courses, a phrase book, a dictionary, and more. Subscriptions are available for three months, one year, two years, or for a lifetime (the best value). More details and pricing options can be found here.

2. Start Crocheting

Crocheting won't come to you overnight, but with patience and practice it could be a worthwhile skill for years to come. To get started, you'll need a beginner's guide like from A to Z by Crochet: The ultimate beginner to advanced guide ($ 1

7) plus a starter kit ($ 22) and some yarn ($ 25). . While you can also get tips for beginners on YouTube, there are platforms like Skillshare that offer deeper instructions so you can get started on the right foot. The textbook and online courses help create a foundation for crochet knowledge that will eventually pay off if you can finish a blanket ($ 16), hat ($ 7), or even a children's toy ($ 13).

3. Learning Needle Felting

If you're looking for a relaxing activity that leads to a cute, soft animal, try picking up needle felting. Choosing a Wool Queen set gives you a choice of different kits for an adorable unicorn ($ 13) with a rainbow horn, a guinea pig ($ 12), a polar bear ($ 13) or a teddy bear ($ 15). . Each kit contains the wool, two needles, and instructions, and it takes almost three hours to complete one. More needle felt kits can be found here.

4. Make Your Own Candles

If you are a candle obsessed with not going to your favorite store at the moment, or if you just have a creative itch that you need to satisfy, try making your own candles at home Made with this kit from Amazon ($ 60). There are four different colors (red, orange, purple and forest green) to choose from as well as four fragrances (clean cotton, lavender, coconut lime and cinnamon vanilla) with which you can mix and combine. The kit also includes a melting jug, cans for filling the wax, wicks and more.

5. Immerse yourself in a coloring book for adults

There's a reason why coloring is a popular activity for elementary school kids everywhere – it's infinitely relaxing, spurs a bit of creativity, and makes your brain wander the good way. While it was long enough, someone finally realized that adults still want all of these things, and since then coloring books for adults have been an important hobby that is easy to learn and easy on the wallet. And there's no shortage of topics to choose from: they have books based on blockbuster traits, like Harry Potter ($ 11), Marvel ($ 15), and Star Wars ($ 15); TV shows such as Golden Girls ($ 13) and The Great British Bake Off ($ 11); and quirkier books like serial killers ($ 11) and animals drinking martinis ($ 8). All you need is a reliable pack of crayons ($ 18) or markers ($ 27) and some creative ideas to make each page your own.

6. Brew Your Own Beer

This beer set ($ 100) allows you to brew four gallons of a Belgian-inspired season without the need for these giant brewery kettles or having to search for all of these exotic ingredients. In this Brewferm kit you will find everything you need, including the hop and malt extracts, the brewing agent and the cleaning solution. The hardest part will be waiting the two months while your beer is fermenting, but everything will pay off once the first pint is poured in. And if you want to brew other strains like a stout or a pilsner, the company has a number of options that you can search on Amazon.

7. Brew Your Own Kombucha

It's the slightly carbonated, acidic, sweet health drink that is touted as a top-notch digestive aid. Now you can easily brew your own Kombucha directly at your home. This Craft a Brew kit ($ 60) contains everything you need to make a gallon of this intestinal drink, including a claim code for the SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) ), the component responsible for fermentation. Since the SCOBY arrives in an ice pack, you only have to use the claim code in the box to deliver your batch separately and free of charge. The kit also includes a jar for fermenting the kombucha, cane sugar, black tea, step-by-step instructions to help you brew successfully, and much more.

8. Learn Origami

Turn paper into art with a guide to origami. If you're looking for the basics, Japanese Origami for Beginners ($ 14) on Amazon has a 4.6-star rating that reviewers have rated as a great student activity or as a solo Hobby is praised. The book contains 20 different projects, 72 sheets of folding paper and a 100 minute DVD for further instructions. If you want something that suits your taste better, there are origami books with different levels of difficulty based on Harry Potter ($ 7) and Star Wars ($ 9).

9. Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Leaves

Personalize your tea experience with this herb tea indoor garden (USD 30) from Garden Republic. In this pack you get everything you need to grow your own herbal tea leaves, such as seeds, pots, base plates, scissors and infusions. You have a choice of lavender, lemon balm, peppermint and chamomile leaves, and all you really need is a balcony or window sill to put the kit on.

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