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New Captain Marvel Action Figure confirms Jude Law's role

British Sci-Fi TV Series Doctor Who has a long and eventful history since its premiere in 1963 (and its revival in 2005). Although his iconic protagonist, the Time Lord, known only as "The Doctor," never really ages, he has undergone some changes in appearance and behavior in his last 13 renewals – most notably last year, when Jodie Whittaker, The Thirteenth and current doctor was the first woman to take the lead role.

While each doctor brings his or her unique flair to the role, one can hardly imagine another in the striped scarf of fourth-doctor Tom Baker or in tenth doctor David Tennant's classic Chuck Taylors – Casting decisions could have been much different , Here are 1

5 other actors who were considered for the role.

. 1 Hugh David

The first aspiring doctor, Hugh David, was also the first actor to be rejected for the role. David had the honor of receiving an offer from Rex Tucker to begin the role. Tucker was a personal friend of David's who happened to be a member of the production team preparing to start the series. When the show called Verity Lambert as a producer, she called the executive call that the then-38-year-old David was too young to play the wise and relatively crazy doctor she envisioned. David was passed over to William Hartnell, a two-decade-older actor, in 1965-002, though the slick Matt Smith was later cast at age 26 as the eleventh Doctor. However, David had a chance to leave his mark on the Whoniverse; He directed two Doctor Who series – season four "The Highlanders" and season five "Fury From the Deep" – both of which are among the infamous missing episodes of the series.

. 2 Geoffrey Bayldon

Theater-trained entertainer Geoffrey Bayldon was targeted as a potential First Doctor after Verity Lambert said no to Hugh David's youthful countenance, but he was not thrilled with the lengthy commitment that would have demanded his role. He was also worried about being put in "old" roles. Instead, he took on another starring role on British television: Catweazle (pictured above), a bewildered 11th-century wizard who accidentally stumbled upon the 1960s, in sharp contrast to the more experienced, time-traveling doctor. After Catweazle had withdrawn, Bayldon dedicated to the career role and rejected a second offer as a Second Doctor from.

Bayldon appeared in a supporting role as Organon in Doctor Who ]'s 17th season, but in the new millennium he finally agreed to accept the doctor's coat – if only as a voice actor in the alternate universe Doctor Who Unbound – Radio plays. He was 80 years old when the second of his two episodes aired. He was the oldest actor ever to play the doctor, making his earlier objections ironic. Bayldon died on May 10, 2017 at the age of 93.

. 3 Richard Griffiths

Revered stage and film actor Richard Griffiths, known in England as Uncle Monty of Withnail and I and Harry Potter's rude Uncle Vernon, was twice considered a potential physician. He was on the shortlist for succeeding Tom Baker, but was bypassed in favor of Peter Davison. The producers kept him in mind and considered re-casting him to replace Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy, but the show was canceled before Griffiths could join the TARDIS.

. 4 Catherine Zeta-Jones

Although Jodie Whittaker made history in 2017 when it became known that she would be the first woman to take on TARDIS, the idea of ​​a "Time Lady" for the 21st century is not new. Russell T. Davies, the author / producer responsible for reviving the 2005 series, was intrigued by the prospect of a doctor. He was particularly pleased with the idea of ​​Catherine Zeta-Jones as a possible successor to David Tennant – certainly a more glamorous choice than ever before, but with a long history of various dramatic roles. However, Davies did not really have the casting decision when he handed the show over to Steven Moffat in 2010, who in turn initiated the reign of Matt Smith and his fliers.

. 5 and 6. Joanna Lumley and Dawn French

The idea of ​​a doctor was also spread in the 1980s when the series experienced a slump in ratings that was so strong that it temporarily expelled. Sydney Newman, the original creator of the show, suggested arouse the audience's interest with a female lead role. He was called to advise BBC One on how to strengthen the reputation of the show. His plan was to temporarily return Patrick Troughton as a Second Doctor before regenerating the Seventh Physician in female form, but not "an eye-catching Hollywood Wonder Woman," for this type of heroine without defects is boring. Candidates for Change New Doctor included future Absolutely fabulous star Joanna Lumley (pictured above) and The Vicar of Dibley's s Dawn French – both esteemed well-established actresses felt equally entitled historical role: The BBC nullified Newman's radical proposal and chose to retain the Time Lord as Lord rather than Lady, and the show's decreasing popularity led to its cancellation in 1989.

7th Frances de la Tour

19659004] At the same time, Lumley and French had the task of assuming the role of Doctor Frances de la Tour – the Tony and Olivier Award winning actress who played Mrs. Lintott in The History Boys in London as well as on Broadway – was also in the running – her name made headlines again in 2017 when the twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, after withdrawing from the S As announced, de la Tour was his personal choice to replace him. "I want Frances de la Tour to be the first female doctor," said Capaldi The Mirror .

. 8 Liam Cunningham

The overcrowded field of aspiring physicians competing for the part after Sylvester McCoy resigned testifies to the confusion of the show managers as to who could best revive the former fame of Doctor Who . Irish actor Liam Cunningham offered to become the Eighth Doctor, with both his natural Dublin accent and a "neutral" American. Although no voice brought him the job, he appeared as Captain Zhukov in the revived series. As Davos Seaworth in Game of Thrones .

9 he became even better known on the small screen. Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly, known as a comedian and folk singer, was another contender for the doctor's eighth recovery. Although he had been shortlisted for the role, it never seemed to be his decision. "It was apparently discussed in a meeting, but nobody told me until they decided against it," Connolly said in 2010 [DerSchotte. "If I had done so, he would have become angrier, much more angry Doctor Who .I would have loved it, I would have taken it."

10. Mark McGann

Liver pudlian Mark McGann spoke simultaneously with his older brother Paul for the role of eighth doctor. He did not get the role in a double hit against Mark – but his brother did. Talk about the envy of the siblings.

. 11 Hugh Grant

Rome com star Hugh Grant seems to be an unlikely choice for a science fiction hero, but he was one of the first actors to be approached when he became a ninth doctor for the 2005 revival of the series occupied. Due to skepticism about the show's potential for success, Grant said no, but later he got a second chance when he played a charity event in a 1999 doctor's parody production (which included fellow colleague Joanna Lumley). With the trademark self-irony, the actor realizes that, although he regrets his decision, the show might have done something good, as he would "probably make a mess of it anyway".

12th Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy also said no to doctoral play, but unlike his castmate grant, Love Actually his refusal was a foreshadowing assumption that the show would stand out and bring in abundance of unwanted media. It was a character who, he claimed, was associated with "too much baggage." However, in 2010 he made an unrendered but significant appearance as Musée d & Orsay curator and Vincent van Gogh enthusiast dr. Black.

Although Nighy was about his reasons for passing the role when he got clean in 2012, he was approaching, he did not specify at what time he refused the opportunity. Out of consideration for whoever took over the role, he refused to say which doctor he might have been. Despite speculation that he may have been the ninth doctor instead of Christopher Eccleston, Nyby's career has spanned most of the show's 55-year run, so there's really nothing to say.

. 13 Eddie Izzard

The comedian Eddie Izzard was once cast as the tenth doctor, and the news came directly from the mouth of the fourth doctor. In 2003, the former Doctor Who star Tom Baker claimed that Izzard had landed the role on BBC Radio Five Live, calling for Izzard to be "mysterious and strange and shining as if he had many secrets "- all qualities that correspond to the inscrutable Doctor. The BBC itself ignored his comments as mere "speculation," and a spokesman simply said that no decision had yet been made.

fourteenth Benedict Cumberbatch

When David Tennant left Doctor Who after three seasons as The Doctor, he was particularly interested in who his successor might be. He thought Benedict Cumberbatch had a chance for the role, but the Sherlock star did not think it would work out well. "David [Tennant] and I talked about it, but I thought it had to be radically different," Cumberbatch said. "And yet I did not really like the overall package – I was in packed lunches."

15th Michael Jackson

The King of Pop could have been the man from Gallifrey. In the late eighties, at the height of Jackson's screen success with Moonwalker Paramount Pictures proposed a full-length film by Doctor Who in which the singer topped the chart was see. It is not clear that he himself was offered the role of doctor, although the information is suitable for this interpretation.

An earlier version of this story ran in 2013.

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