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National holiday for the first half of January

It's January, and there are so many happy holidays to the National Day Of. Here they are all for the first half of January.

The first of January was the National Hangover Day and the National Bloody Mary Day. Of course, it's also New Year's Day, and so Bloody Mary's hangover remedy really does come together and makes sense. January 2 nd is National Science Fiction Day, Personal Trainer Sensational Coach Day, National Buffet Day (you know, if you still fight the nasty New Year hangover) and National Cream Puff Day. Yum.

If you love cherries and chocolate, January 3rd may be your favorite day. Celebrate the National Cherry Day with chocolate on the 3rd day! It is also a national drinking straw day, but please use paper, noodle or non-plastic straws to save the world. It's also a national fruitcake toss day for anyone who does not like fruitcake and did not eat over the holidays. If you still have it, this is the day to throw it out! Bye, bye, fruit cake, see you soon. (Or December.)

The 4th of January is today and is also National Trivia Day, National Spaghetti Day and National Missouri Day.

The 5th of January has a new proclamation day, National Keto Day. So, if you want to lose more weight or boost your diet, this is certainly a fad and very helpful to most who try it. Also on January 5th is National Whipped Cream Day, which is keto if you make it yourself and do not add sugar, and the National Screenwriters Day.

January 6th is the National Bean Day. It is also National Bird Day, National Shortbread Day, National Technology Day and National Cuddle Up Day. If you want sausage and cheese for dinner, (Keto,) and a cuddle shake with Netflix, the 5th and 6th of January are your days!

January 7 is National Bobblehead Day, National Tempura Day and National Thank God. Well, this is the first Monday of the month or the 7th, as the case may be.

On January 8, there are so many National Day's. There is something for everyone to enjoy. This is the National Argyle Day, the National Bubble Bath Day, the National English Toffee Day, the National JoyGerm Day and the National Winter Skin Relief Day. It is also National Shop for Travel Day, when it is the second Tuesday in January. Otherwise, the National Shop for Travel Day is the second Tuesday in January.

The 9th of January is National Apricot Day, National Day of Law Enforcement and National Static Electricity Day.

January 10 is National Bittersweet Chocolate Day, National Reduce Your Energy Cost Day, the National Oysters Rockefeller Day and the National Save The Eagles Day.

January 11 has some fun "holidays" and some very serious holidays. You can celebrate National Arkansas Day and National Milk Day. It's also a national human trafficking day and a national step in your friends' puddle and splash day. If this is not one of the best national holidays of the holidays, I do not know what that is. January 12 is National Kiss a Ginger Day, National Pharmacist Day, National Curry Chicken Day and National Marzipan Day. And if it's the second Saturday in January, then it's the National Vision Board Day.

The 13th is everywhere and there is a lot to celebrate. January 13 is the Korean American day. It's also National Sticker Day, National Rubber Ducky Day, National Peach Melba Day, Stephen Foster Memorial Day and National Sunday Supper Day, when it falls on the second Sunday in January.

If you're in the mood for hot days sandwich on January 14, you're in luck! It's hot pastrami sandwich day. It's also National Dress Up Your Day Day, Ratification Day, and if it's the second Monday in January, then it's also National Clean Off Your Desk Day.

And for the last day of the first month, Jan. 15 is National Hat Day and National Strawberry Ice Cream Day. It's also a proclamation day for National Booth Day!

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