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Myths about the CIA you probably believe in

The CIA, which stands for Central Intelligence Agency, is one of the world's most famous and controversial espionage agencies. Her involvement in the Bush administration in relation to so-called intensified interrogations, extraordinary renditions and other such crimes, as well as her adventures in South America, have earned her notoriety. However, they are also one of the most misunderstood. Many people are confused about the limitations of CIA powers and what they really do (and do) over the years. In today's article, we discuss ten ways that people misunderstand the CIA.

10th The CIA is unlikely to watch you

Many people like to joke about how the CIA likes to watch American citizens, but that's actually the job of the FBI. The FBI has law enforcement agencies and is responsible for investigating potential crimes of American citizens on American soil. However, the CIA should not be particularly concerned with the internal affairs of United States citizens.

The actual Charter of the CIA is to gather information abroad, especially about foreign actors or countries that could cause harm. That does not mean that the CIA would ever listen to you, but if that's the case, it's almost certain that you've talked to someone from another country, that he's seeing a potential threat in some form. So, if you're not talking to potential terrorists online, there's no real reason the CIA would oversee your talks. Well, as mentioned earlier, this does not mean that the government does not necessarily spy on you, as the FBI, the NSA or other specific jurisdictions have in the US, but it is very unlikely that it is the CIA.

. 9 You do not have to learn a foreign language to join them. The CIA is often regarded as one of the most elitist of the elite speaking at least a second language fluently, you probably have no great chance to join. If you want to work in another country, you might want to know the national language, but the majority of CIA agents do not have to be bilingual or multilingual. Now it's a plus and even brings you a cash bonus (and probably better opportunities) if you can prove the right knowledge in one or more foreign languages.

However, there is no real need for it to join. There are dozens of posts that do not require foreign language skills, and these posts need to be filled. If, after joining, you decide that you are interested in a position for which you need to learn a foreign language, the CIA will be pleased to teach you how to use your own systems. With just 1,000 hours and the right methodology to teach you, you can at least learn a basic command of another language. With these methods, they teach officials to communicate with agents around the world so that the reach of the CIA extends to all parts of the world.

. 8 Claiming that the CIA has cracked the black community is probably nonsense

Years ago, when the Internet was spreading and debunking nonsense, the claim across the country was that the CIA was actually cracking black communities in the country Downtown have distributed. not only as part of a general conspiracy to earn money for revolutionaries in South America, but also to harm the black community. There are, however, many reasons to believe that the allegations are complete and total nonsense that has prevailed over the years because the obvious untruths were not sufficiently suppressed at that time.

All allegations can be traced back to a "journalist" named Gary Webb, who wrote a story titled " Dark Alliance " that made the insane claims about the CIA. This story claimed that everything started in Los Angeles and went from there, though most experts say that the spread of cracks was pretty much the same for most major cities. At the time of Webb's story, every newspaper was fraught with gaps, pointing out that there was nothing to prove and much that contradicted it. However, as the CIA is generally suspicious (and / or despised) and many black Americans understandably do not trust the government, the myth has become popular and it would be difficult to change the minds of most people at that time.

. 7 You are not a law enforcement agency.

While there were some reports of extraordinary renditions in the Bush years with the help of the CIA, and some claimed that this was an extreme abuse of power and international law, the CIA has no real law enforcement agency, especially within the borders of the United States. Unlike the FBI, their job is not to arrest or enforce United States laws. Most CIA officials do not even carry firearms, at least in safe areas where they operate in the US, and are rarely expected to be in danger on American soil.

Well, the FBI has law enforcement powers and they share information so the CIA will not just let you go. If the CIA in any way encounters information that violates the law when investigating foreign actors, and you do not endanger the investigation or collection of information, you will quickly forward your action to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Be more than happy Arresting you and making sure you pay for your crimes – just do not expect the CIA to arrest you.

. 6 The CIA's Power to Launch Drone Attacks Against Alleged Terrorists

With the CIA hidden, many people often speculate about what they actually do in foreign countries and how violent they are in general. In certain countries, which are more dangerous than others, especially in countries with active war zones, there may be CIA agents who are practically paramilitary. In this sense, it has become increasingly useful for them to be able to carry out paramilitary actions themselves, if they consider it necessary, without having to take the time to coordinate fully with the military, the executive or other espionage agencies.

Now, during the Bush years, one of their largest paramilitary forces was the ability to launch drone strikes on suspected terrorist targets. President Obama certainly enjoyed running drone attacks himself, but he did not think that the CIA should have the authority to order strikes themselves and took away their toys. However, President Trump reversed this and again allowed CIA to order drone strikes on suspected terrorists if they deemed it necessary.

. 5 Zero Dark Thirty makes the CIA look really good, but she's behind her production

The film Zero Dark Thirty is a spy drama about the military and in particular the CIA's efforts to provide information who would lead them to the capture or killing of Osama Bin Laden. Torture is used in the film and works very well to get the information you need. The film suggests that it was this information that ultimately led to the death of America's greatest enemy. The CIA wants you to believe, with the help of its propaganda arm, that torture was really necessary and working.

And yes, we say "propaganda arm" because the CIA was heavily involved in the creation of Zero Dark Thirty . They provided the filmmakers with all sorts of information to make their film better, and made the CIA really, really good looking. And there is good reason to believe that they are extremely fooled. Many intelligence experts believe that the CIA's reasoning is really wrong, and that the torture ultimately did not lead us to Bin Laden's whereabouts (and the final end). Of course, those who want to believe that torture works will gladly accept the message of the film and leave the CIA completely behind on these actions.

. 4 Like any espionage agency, classified information must be known

Many people think that they can suddenly see how much things are actually going on in the rabbit hole when they join a spy agency. Except, they will almost certainly be disappointed if they agree with this CIA attitude. Even if you can reach the highest level of security, your hopes of learning about UFOs, the Kennedy assassination, or other burning questions are close to zero. The reason for this is that it is very, very unlikely that you have a reason to need this information for your work and the various tasks.

The reason they are so cautious about classified information is that people, no matter how trustworthy, are fallible. The more people know, the weaker the secret. This means that even as President of the United States, you do not have to go through all the secret, secret files that have been hidden over the years for a variety of reasons. Even the president has to go through a process to get to certain information, and may encounter resistance or stone walls when he asks for something he does not really need to know . All classified information, no matter what level, must be known – and even then only as much as you necessarily have to know .

. 3 CIA officers can do all sorts of non-secret or even boring jobs

One thing many people think is that the CIA are almost exclusively officers running around to do dangerous missions – or maybe some people in offices who are frantically working to hack our enemies or prevent them from hacking. However, most CIA officials are ordinary people with normal jobs. Most of the time, for the vast majority of the time, they will not even come across anything that has been rated as important or important. The CIA needs people who can do almost anything they can imagine, from janitors to human resources and everything in between. These people may spice up their lives by making fun of how they would have to kill you if they tell you what they did, but their work could actually be a bit boring.

That does not mean, of course, that there is no excitement at all. Just knowing that you work for such an important agency is likely to be a rush, and at least occasionally employees are busy with important information or people. Most importantly, most CIA jobs do not put you at particular risk. For those who are interested in joining the CIA to better protect their country, but do not want a particularly dangerous job, there is no concern – there are many non-violent or crazy and intense options.

. 2 The CIA has overthrown governments and they are dangerous villains.

Many people (including us) like to talk about CIA Adventurism in South America and other parts of the world and how it destabilizes governments, supports coups and revolutions, and works to help puppet leaders around the world support the United States government States to install. Some of them have had poor results, which have put the regions into a state of instability decades later, and many blame the CIA almost exclusively for these problems – especially the increase in drug trafficking and the lack of stability in South America.

Although the CIA may have been involved in many of these incidents, that does not mean that they are a rogue agency or that "the CIA did it". To say that the CIA has done it is like telling someone to shoot. In a sense, it is true that the gun was fired and the bullet fired, but someone else held it and squeezed the trigger. The CIA does not have the unilateral power to set policies or destabilize countries and the like. The CIA replies to the government and receives its marching orders directly from them. Just as you would not hold the army responsible for any country our government invades, the instability caused by the CIA has been caused by the government itself. The CIA was just the tool they chose for the job.

. 1 CIA officers get information in ways that most people can not imagine

You could think of CIA officers as the most underhanded and vulnerable secret spies. They go to foreign countries, get together, find work and use their language and culture skills to improve themselves and steal foreign secrets. While CIA officers in other countries are often at risk and at risk of being identified, and sometimes adopt a paramilitary or spy-like aspect, the truth is much more banal, because we want it to put the risk for our CIA officers to minimize.

The most important training that a CIA officer (who is a field officer) can have, and the one he's likely to use most often, are training agents. Agents are basically what we think of most CIA agents – the true spies. Agents are recruited from their country of origin and usually have positions that approximate important information. The CIA officers nurture and train these agents and turn them into assets that help the US to gain valuable information about their enemies – and even allies – abroad. That does not mean that CIA officials sometimes do not get into very dangerous situations, and as we said, it can still be dangerous to blow cover, but using foreign agents for the riskiest work helps keep our people alive get and collect more and more important information from around the world.

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