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My dog ​​loves lively paw chewing

A dog’s best friend is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of lively paws.

My dog ​​Summit started to take it Lively Paws dog accessories when he was 10 years old. He got to this point in older dog lives when he still wanted to go hikes, walks, and play ball in the backyard, but his body began to show some limitations. He couldn’t chase the ball as often as he used to, and the walks became slower and shorter.

First impressions

We started with the Lively Paws Mobility Dog Supplements because I wanted my puppy to get some of his exercise back so he could move around and play more comfortably. The Mobility Dog Supplement is designed to relieve joint stiffness, better nourish the joints and connective tissue, and in general help a dog lead a more active lifestyle.

From the moment the package arrived in the mail, Summit was interested. And when I opened the bottle, his eyes widened at the smell of his new chew for dog mobility. Every day my puppy looks forward to his dietary supplements.

Summit can run and jump more easily. Our walks have become longer. And Summit loves to play ball again. It’s all because his joints feel better and he feels younger. I look forward to what the difference will be over the months and he continues to take his canine supplement.

Dog Supplement Shopping – Why Lively Paws Worked for Summit

After seeing the change in Summit mobility enhancement, I began purchasing more pet supplements from Lively Paws. I found Lively Paws Longevity and thought that would be perfect given his age. I look forward to discovering the results. Summit already loves the taste, and I’m sure this is a good sign considering how much he loves his other Lively Paws pet supplements.

Beyond the mere purpose of chewing dog mobility, I always buy for quality and safety. I wanted a dog supplement that would be delicious so I wouldn’t have to play games or hide its supplements in cheese or peanut butter. But taste isn’t all I’m looking for in a dog supplement.

When I did my research, I found that Lively Paws is veterinarian formulated. The vet formulated tells me that there are professionals who know dogs who support the product.

Also, Lively Paws dog supplements are made in the US, which is an important core value to me. And their dog supplements are GMP certified, which gives me the peace of mind that they are safe and at least meet the minimum standards required by the market.

Final thoughts on safe supplements for longer, healthy dog ​​lives

Taken together, Lively Paws’ dog supplements appear safe, of high quality, and taste very good in my lab, Summit. So far, they also appear to be effective in improving the quality of life for the dogs allowed to ingest them on a regular basis.

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