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Movie and TV characters who deserve it much better


Back to the Future – Jennifer is treated like literal garbage

In addition to the legacy of Chuck Berry, who Back to the Future The series is really about Jennifer Parker, Marty’s girlfriend and pioneer of the denim vest. She’s barely in the first film and although the end prepares her for an expanded role in the sequel, Doc Brown instantly zaps her with one of the many over-the-counter electric roof machines we all had in 2015. Why? Well, she had a couple Completely Reasonable questions about the flying DeLorean she was in, which Doc apparently couldn’t answer in 45 seconds.

Movie and TV characters who deserve it much betterUniversal pictures

We have all over the world but I am scientifically obliged to explain tail.Universal pictures“We are in the world all the time, but I am scientifically obliged to explain Dick.”

When they bring Jennifer back after 1985, Marty and Doc make the startling decision to drop her off in the middle of the night, even though they’re gone in the morningProbably worrying for her family for no reason. This also means that they cannot get into their home. Again they just leave their unconscious bodies, this time on a swing on the veranda.

Which would have been a big move even in the regular timeline, but we’ll find out later that Marty and Doc accidentally created a murderous alternative in 1985. So are they going back for them? Under no circumstance. Doc suspects Jennifer will be fine if they go back to the 50s and fix things – which is a total guess. Once Marty fixed the timeline, he could go back to Jennifer just 5 minutes after his previous self dropped it, because again He has a time machine. But for some reason, he’s setting the timing circuits for the next morning.

Fortunately, she is safe, but her character has about as much freedom of choice in these films as <a href=https://www.cracked.com/article_17370_7-completely-unrealistic-movie-plots-that-came-true.html target=_blank>Bernie Lomax</a>. “width =” 400 “height =” 215 “class =” lazy “data-src =” https://s3.crackedcdn.com/phpimages/article/2/4/5/738245_v2.jpg “/><span>Universal pictures</span><span class=Fortunately, she is safe, but her character has about as much of an impact in these films as Bernie Lomax.


Home alone – Harry and Marv are victims of a difficult economy

As children, we took root Home aloneKevin McCallister, the abandoned child whose only real crime was trying to get a slice of cheese pizza. But when we think of the film now, it is a bit strange that we all cheered the rich child when he directly tries to murder two unarmed burglars. While we don’t get a full back story for Harry and Marv, there are some subtle details that suggest the situation could be more nuanced than we first thought. Do you remember how they are the “wet bandits”? They don’t just steal things, they flood people’s houses on the way out. It is no accident; It is an indication of their tragic origins. The other big clue is the fact that they are driving around in one Plumber car!

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