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Mother has to bring daughter home, waitress won’t let her go

Nowhere to go

She just wanted a nice dinner, but her daughter would have a tantrum and create an embarrassing spectacle in front of the entire restaurant.

What should have been a simple request for a take-away meal turned into a hot Facebook post. How could they refuse a single mother who was doing her best to make ends meet?

Hard decision

Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

Courtney Pedigo didn̵

7;t know what she was going to do. She had two thoughts about it. She felt that the family should be able to enjoy dinner, but she was concerned about how her little daughter would behave.

She didn’t want to deal with a “what if”. Instead, she decided to take her family to Olive Garden, but she didn’t know how the restaurant would treat her and her daughter.


Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

Being a mother was always something on Courtney’s table. She loved interacting with her little nieces, nephews, and cousins.

She never had to deal with her tantrums, however, she just gave them back to her mother when that happened. She really loved children, but wasn’t ready for such a commitment. Then something surprising happened to her.

Baby harlynn

Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

When she first saw her little girl, she knew that she would put everything into raising this child. She knew that whatever life had in store for her or her baby, she would succeed.

She didn’t need a man. All that made her happy was her daughter. She struggled especially in the first few months when her daughter was out of sight. But as she spent all of her time with her baby, she realized that she had to hang out with some other people in her life.

The restaurant

Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

Courtney arrived at the North Carolina restaurant with her father, stepmother, friends, and young daughter, who was already unable to sit still.

Courtney felt she deserved to be able to enjoy an evening without having to worry about people staring at her daughter’s tantrums. She bravely went to the restaurant and was immediately greeted by a waitress. She thought her night was a normal dinner. Little did she know that the night would cause a stir and involve a restaurant employee.


Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

As soon as Harlynn sat on the high chair in the restaurant, she started screaming. Other diners seated around her winced as they tried to finish their entrees while Harlynn’s screams made Courtney very embarrassed.

She didn’t want to eat or sit still. Courtney decided to reach out to the waitress and ask about her take away food. This turned out to be quite difficult as the restaurant was full at this time of the evening.

Asked politely

Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

She finally managed to get the waitress’s attention and asked for the take away. She knew her daughter was ruining the night for everyone.

She asked politely, thinking it was a simple request. But she was faced with a reaction she never expected. How could she say that?

That’s a no


The waitress declined and simply said “no”. How could she refuse a struggling mother’s request for the food she paid for?

Courtney tried to be polite and understood that the restaurant was quite busy and it could take a while for the waitress to come to her request. But to say no in such a prestigious restaurant was not surprising. The waiter even had the nerve to say, “You will sit down and enjoy your dinner.”

Got hungry

Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

Courtney tried to come up with solutions, thinking that maybe they could finish their meals in their car, and if her daughter had other tantrums, at least no other patron would have been worse off.

But if they were denied the right to take their food with them, they would starve. Why was it such a problem for the waitress to put her paid meals in some boxes for her?

Should I go?

Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

Courtney returned to the table in amazement. She understood that bringing her daughter to the restaurant had caused a little uproar for the other diners trying to enjoy their meals.

But at least let them take their food with them so they don’t go hungry. She thought of speaking to the manager in charge, but how long did she want to stay in this restaurant?



At that moment Harlynn kicked the table with his heels. Courtney knew something terrible was going to happen. Her face flushed with embarrassment as the other guests started complaining. She was all too aware that all eyes were fixed on the spectacle her daughter was doing.

But now she was getting angry too. This wasn’t the first time she had endured horrific service for having a disturbing child, but it was just too much, really.

I can not go


But before she could decide what to do next, her waitress finally made it to the table. Courtney thought she might have changed her mind and come to the table to collect her plates and pack her food.

But the waitress again denied them a to-go box so they could calm the baby down. And the amazed mother was dangerously tired of being treated so rude.

“Sit down”

Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

Nianni Rudder, 24, repeated without turning a blind eye, “You will sit down and enjoy your dinner.” Courtney’s eyes widened in disbelief. Did the waitress refuse to help her? That was totally unacceptable.

While Harlynn’s screeches scratched her nerves, she opened her mouth to give the waitress some of her thoughts. But Nianni wasn’t finished yet.



“You will sit down and enjoy your dinner and I’ll be there to sit with her!” Nianni told the amazed mother. Courtney was speechless. Harlynn wouldn’t sit for her mother, she would hardly sit for a complete stranger.

Courtney wanted out of there as soon as possible. She was fed up with people staring and whispering. But Harlynn was defeated. She sat giggling with Nianni. Courtney couldn’t believe what she was seeing.


Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

“I actually had to eat my food while it was still hot!” exclaimed Courtney in a now viral Facebook post. And that wasn’t all she had to say.

“[Nianni] is just a great person, ”said Courtney. “I was just completely shocked because nothing like this had ever happened to me. I just wanted to shed some light on who she is. “How could someone who’s been so stressed since rush hour take the time to sit with their baby?


Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

Nianni is no stranger to young children’s mood swings. Her niece has just graduated from the terrible twos and has now been inducted into the terrible three.

She knows how irritable children can get when they are hungry, tired, grumpy, sad, happy, anxious, or confused. Her shift was almost over anyway. And there were many other staff who helped move the tables. But what would your manager think of a break?

“You are a family”

Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

“My managers are great,” said Nianni.

“Our motto at Olive Garden is, ‘When you are here, you are a family. ‘If I had to just sit down and take a few moments to help this young lady with her baby, I would do it every day if I could. “And Nianni’s efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Facebook post


Courtney was so touched by Nianni’s gesture that she dedicated a Facebook post to the server and her friendliness – accompanied by a cute photo of Rudder feeding Harlynn ice cream.

And after Courtney outlined the incident, she greatly praised Niannni for her actions.


Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

Courtney’s post on Facebook has received thousands of likes and comments. The online community raved about Nianni’s kind gesture.

Mothers, sisters, and aunts have shared their appreciation for understanding a mother’s plight. But was everyone in the restaurant understanding that evening?


Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

“Girl, you’ll never really know how grateful I am for tonight,” Courtney gushed about her experience. “I seriously admire you. Not just because you took the time to bribe my brutal little human with candy so I can eat, but because you are so strong! “

But as for Nianni, she’s just done her job.

True compassion

Facebook / Courtney Ruth Pedigo

Nianni, who has a three year old niece, understood what Courtney was going through and felt deserved to stay where she was.

“She came out to eat with her family and she should be able to,” she said today. “I didn’t think she had to walk or sit in the car to eat the food because her baby was picky. They are young children, that is exactly what they do. “A little compassion can go a long way.

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