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Mother gives birth to triplets, husband knows they are not his

An awkward silence

He took her to the hospital when she told him it was time. He barely managed to get her to the maternity ward before she went into labor. Now he could finally relax.

After a long wait it was over, he saw his beautiful triplets. But one thing became immediately clear – the children weren’t his.

Dreams of a family

Facebook / Rachel Halbert

Aaron and Rachel Halbert were both serving as Presbyterian missionaries when they met and fell in love. Soon after they got married and talked about children.

The ideal picture was own children, but problems arose with this route. Aaron felt guilty that he couldn’t give his new wife the child she so badly wanted. He put on a brave face, sat her down and started talking about something he never thought he should.

Rough start

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The couple felt that their life was on the right track. They had both found the love of their lives and married her. But it was painfully clear that they were missing something.

Aaron didn’t mind being adopted, but Rachel wasn’t comfortable with it. He prayed for a miracle and then saw an opportunity.

Do you need a home

Facebook / Rachel Halbert

The couple had the opportunity to adopt two beautiful children. Rachel had to give up having a child of her own and help those children who needed homes. They adopted the two children.

Rachel soon found that she felt like the children were her own. Even so, Rachel felt that she still had to have a child of her own.

Keeping the dream alive

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They knew the chances of conception were slim, but they had to keep going while they looked after their two adopted children. They went to the best doctors for help, but the news was always the same. Rachel confided in some of her friends from her hometown in Mississippi.

Then Rachel suddenly had something to tell her husband. She just didn’t really know how to tell him the news.

At long last

YouTube / National Embryo Donation Center

It was really a miracle. Rachel had the best possible news for her husband. She was carrying a child.

Aaron couldn’t believe it, he was so happy. He already loved his adopted children and couldn’t imagine how much he would love his own flesh and blood. After an exam, the doctor said something Aaron couldn’t believe.

Doctor news

Facebook / Rachel Halbert

The doctor informed them that a few weeks earlier they were pregnant due to an artificial insemination process. Like their adopted children before they selected embryos from ethnic minority groups, as they were the least selected.

Aaron’s parents were missionaries in Honduras. He was a blue-eyed white boy and stood out a lot. The family he wanted just felt right to him. But the doctor wasn’t finished yet.

More than one

Facebook / Rachel Halbert

Rachel decided to be inseminated with two embryos to increase the chances of pregnancy. Now they were told that she was pregnant with not just one but two children.

Their two children turned four overnight and fate had another surprise for them that they hadn’t expected.

Getting to the hospital

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After nine months, the family was in Honduras and had to rush Rachel to the hospital after telling Aaron that she was feeling contractions. The twins were fed up with waiting and ready to be born.

Rachel said the doctors were fantastic and the job went as smoothly as it could get. Aaron was by his wife’s side the entire time. But the doctors noticed the surprise on his face when he saw his children. It wasn’t what he expected.

More than two

Facebook / Aaron Halbert

Aaron was ready for twins and at the time didn’t think anything would surprise him. What they didn’t know, however, was that the embryos separated a second time, which meant three babies Rachel was pregnant with.

The two were surprised, but couldn’t be happier. They loved parents and the more they had, the happier they would be. Unfortunately, not everyone has similar feelings towards their children.

Proud parents

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Although they didn’t share the same DNA or ethnicity with their five children, the Halberts took pride in being their parents. They appreciated the beauty of their interracial family.

“In our mind we only live out our dream. A dream that may not look like your average family, but we are grateful that, given the history of our country, it could come true, ”Aaron continued.


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“It was encouraging to see virtually all of our friends and family members show overwhelming support for our family and the unusual way we built them,” said Aaron.

However, the new parents were surprised to discover that not everyone around them would be as supportive as their family and friends …

Disapproving looks

Facebook / Rachel Halbert

While Aaron and Rachel couldn’t be more proud of their multi-ethnic family, some people had tried to show them what they thought.

“A black mother looked at us and just shook her head,” recalled Aaron. “And an older white woman looked at us in disgust.” But it would take more than that to bring down the Halbert family.


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“There will always be the elderly white woman at Walmart who stared at us with sheer disgust or the African-American mother who looked at us and just shook her head,” Aaron said in an interview with the Washington Post.

Fortunately, they also had good experiences. The Halberts knew that not everyone would agree to their diversity. However, they were not seeking approval from anyone.

Celebrate differences

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“Grasping diversity will make the world stronger when we marvel at God’s creative genius, shown by the diverse pigments, personalities and abilities of His people,” said Aaron.

“Our differences are cause for celebration, not contempt.” Not only did the couple represent diversity, but they also had something to say about embryo adoption.

Embryo adoption

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The couple believe that adopting an embryo is just as important as adopting a child. After doing their own research, they found that there are still millions of embryos waiting to be adopted. The embryos Rachel received had been frozen for 12 years!

Rachel said, “We didn’t say this life is more important than the lives of babies and children waiting to be adopted around the world. No, they are not more important, but neither are they less important. Our children’s whole lives are valued. “

Not for everyone

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Although the couple were satisfied with their decision to proceed with embryo adoption, they warn that it is not a decision to be taken lightly. They also agree that it is not for everyone.

“Embryo adoption can also be very difficult for the donor family. I know the decision to donate your frozen embryos for adoption is probably the toughest decision you will ever make. It can be so painful to know that someone else is raising your biological children, ”Rachel explained.

Busy mother

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Anyone who has a child will agree that that one child is enough to keep a mother busy. Imagine you have five!

“In my days, I feed five hungry children, change lots of diapers, take care of household chores, take care of small hearts, love and play with all five, do / learn how to do the hair of four beautiful girls and a pretty little guy and one or two minutes to find something to eat, ”said the mother.

Would you do it again?

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You may be wondering if Aaron and Rachel will adopt more children after their experience.

“We’ll see what the future brings. Right now we’re enjoying this phase of life, ”Rachel said in an interview. As we can imagine, five children are sure to keep her busy.

Spice of life

Facebook / Rachel Halbert

“Differences are exactly what makes our lives richer and fuller. It forces you to rethink the way you speak, act, and live, ”said Aaron.

The Halbert family is currently serving as missionaries in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where they do not feel under the microscope from strangers. Seems like everything worked out for her!

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