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Most Pet Friendly Cities in 2020

If you want your life to never be boring, you should live with a cute, fluffy creature. Perhaps that’s why half of the households in America have pets because they make your place warm and cozy. These fluffy creatures add vibrancy and fun to every life. Unfortunately, being a pet owner is difficult when you are also a tenant.

According to statistics, 6-8 million pets come to animal shelters every year. This is usually due to problems with the landlord. Because of this rental policy, millions of these adorable creatures are losing their homes. That’s why we researched the ten most animal-friendly cities in the United States.

Many factors should be carefully considered, such as: B. The size of the pet deposit and the percentage of landlords who allow pets, making this list difficult to complete. The list may be unexpected because of these factors.

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1. Most Pet Friendly Cities: Dallas, TX

Most Pet Friendly Cities - Dallas TX

If you want a cheaper rental, Dallas can definitely give you that. Lakewood, Oak Lawn, Downtown and Uptown ranked high in terms of animal friendliness. There are also plenty of activities to do with your pet. So if you are looking for a pet friendly and affordable place to live, then you should definitely consider living in Dallas.

2. Most Pet Friendly Cities: San Diego, CA.

Most Pet Friendly Cities - San Diego CA.

Photo credit: Janson George / Shutterstock.com

If your dog is a surfer then this place is for you. Located near Loews Coronado Bay, the location for annual surf dog competitions, your pet will really enjoy living with you in San Diego. The place also has plenty of dog parks for your pet to play around in, a huge plus for most pet owners. San Diego is a great place to settle down with your fluffy best friend.

3. Most Pet Friendly Cities: New York, NY

Most Pet Friendly Cities - New York NY

Always wanted to go for a walk and try to go to different cafes but couldn’t because your pet is not allowed? Well, you don’t have to go through this again because New York can give you the experience you wanted to have. With your cute pet, you can visit shops, cafes, and even local restaurants. The space and cost of rent would make it difficult for a pet owner of large dogs like St. Bernard, but small cats and dogs are certainly welcome in this town.

4. Most Pet Friendly Cities: Chicago, IL

Most Pet Friendly Cities - Chicago IL

Photo credit: Page Light Studios / Shutterstock.com

With 20 dog parks and Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago, we can agree that Chicago is truly a pet-friendly place. Most of the restaurants and bars in town even offer a few bowls of water for the pets to drink. You can always walk your pet again and again without your furry friend being too thirsty.

5. Most Pet Friendly Cities: Portland, OR

Most Pet Friendly Cities - Portland OR

Portland is one of the cities with an enormous number of parks for dogs. Compared to other major cities in the United States, Portland has 33 dog parks. In addition, this city is famous for traditional gatherings like Parade for Pit Bull and Pug Crawl; These are just some perfect reasons for people with the same interest to interact and enjoy.

6. Most Pet Friendly Cities: St. Louis, MO

Most Pet Friendly Cities - St. Louis MO

With its low rental costs, St. Louis is a great place to settle down with your furry friend. There is a list of pet friendly entertainment options like the St. Louis Walk of Fame and Six Flags. It also offers dozens of attractions, walk-in areas, and dog parks for your pet to enjoy.

7. Most Pet Friendly Cities: Oakland, CA.

Most Pet Friendly Cities - Oakland CA.

If you’re looking for a city that has everything your dog needs, Oakland, CA will never disappoint. From the dog-loving citizens to the dog-friendly bars and restaurants where you can let your dog off the leash to play. If you enjoy spending time outdoors with your favorite four-legged best friend, you’ll love King Estates Open Space Par, Joaquin Miller Park, and Redwood Regional Park.

8. Most Pet Friendly Cities: Seattle, WA

Most Pet Friendly Cities - Seattle WA

Photo credit: Colleen Michaels / Shutterstock.com

Oddly enough, there are more dogs than children in Seattle. If you visit the US Census Bureau and the Seattle Animal Shelter, the city has around 107, 178 children and 153,000 dogs. Aside from its dog-friendly restaurants and hotels that almost every other city can brag about, Seattle also has paddleboard, kayak, and paddleboard rentals that are friendly for your fluffy friend. Bet you will also enjoy the dog friendly Elliot Bay Cruises that the city has to offer.

9. Most Pet Friendly Cities: San Francisco, CA.

Most Pet Friendly Cities - San Francisco CA.

San Francisco is considered the most animal-friendly city in the country by both common sense and statistics, and it’s impossible to disagree. Consisting of pet-friendly cars, ferries, and trolleys with over 50 dog-meeting clubs, 174 dog-friendly restaurants, and 27 dog parks; That’s why this city really deserves the top list. Even if you love to always take your dog for a walk; San Francisco is a perfect city for you, making it the second largest walkable place in the United States.

10. Most Pet Friendly Cities: Denver, CO

Most Pet Friendly Cities - Denver CO

Photo credit: Jim Lambert / Shutterstock.com

Denver is a city that is considered the home of numerous animal friendly activities and destinations. Make the most of your time in Denver with your four-legged, fluffy friend by taking the opportunity to enjoy the various outdoor activities that you can enjoy at Fuller Dog Park, Barkley Lake Dog Park, Railyard Dog Park, and many other activities . In addition, there are hundreds of terraces, bars and restaurants that house dogs and their owners.

Owning a furry pet is not only fun, but also comes with responsibility. The choices for pet owners are limited, especially when it comes to deciding where to stay or what to do. Fortunately, we can narrow these limits by looking for a city that is pet friendly. So take the time to read this article if you are an animal lover and owner of these four-legged creatures. We can never say you might need that in the future.

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