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Mom meets daughter’s friend and quickly checks old family photos

Quiet at dinner

Her mother was strangely calm during dinner. This was supposed to be an important day for her that she would finally introduce the man she loved to her family, but mom really didn’t seem to like him.

Days later, after doing a little digging, her mother called with some news. “Oh my god,” said the young woman. “It’s him…”

Mom and me

Instagram / Heidi Savitt

Heidi and her mother Kay were overjoyed when she was accepted to Newcastle University in the UK to study economics and management. They were a bit estranged from the extended family and spent a lot of time together ̵

1; which made the move difficult for both of them.

After a year in a shared apartment, Heidi felt comfortable enough to move into her own studio. Then one day she received a message from a stranger on Facebook asking for help.

Which button?

Facebook / Heidi Savitt

Ed Savitt – a psychology and economics student – had moved into Heidi’s previous apartment but had problems with the washing machine. He said he found her name in an email and decided to ask her for help.

“He asked me on Facebook how the washing machine worked and I let him know … basically because it was hot.” That was the last time they spoke to each other – until she felt someone staring at her from across the bar while out with friends one night.

Chance meeting

Facebook / Ed Savitt

“We just saw each other,” said Heidi after she recognized him from his Facebook profile. “I thought it was beautiful; He was really amazing. All I can remember is thinking, ‘Wow, he’s hot. ‘“

The couple chatted and soon went to a pizza place on their first date. But there was something about Ed that Heidi should have known.

Turn it down

Instagram / Heidi Alice

Heidi learned that the new tenant of her old apartment was also attending Newcastle University to study economics and psychology. Both had plans for their individual futures, but that day after Heidi caught Ed’s eye, their entire college experience changed.

Heidi would later say that the two “hit it off pretty straight away”. They got a lot closer and managed to stay together throughout their studies. The college darlings thought they knew everything about each other, but they would soon find out they were wrong.

Get serious

Facebook / Ed Savitt

The couple were inseparable while at university and moved to London together after graduation, although they decided to live in separate apartments.

Then, in 2015, Ed took Heidi for a walk around the grounds of Derbyshire’s Chatsworth House and got down on one knee. There was only one thing left to do. It was time to meet each other’s parents.

Set a date

Facebook / Ed Savitt

Four years since they started dating, Heidi and Ed decided it was time for their mothers to meet and set a date and time for it. But just because it was the right time didn’t mean either of them was nervous.

The idea of ​​two families can be intimidating, and they had no idea that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary family induction …

Big dinner

Facebook / Ed Savitt

Heidi called her mother and booked a table at her favorite restaurant, and Ed arranged for his mother Fiona to be there too. It would be nice to expand the family, Heidi thought, remembering when they spent more time with their cousins ​​when she was little.

But Heidi’s mother was acting very strangely, almost suspiciously. She had been so excited to meet Ed and kept pushing for a night like this. Then why was she so crazy about him?

Something to say

Instagram / Heidi Savitt

While the conversation seemed to flow and everyone was drinking their second glass of wine, Heidi asked to speak to her mother privately. They apologized and went outside.

“What’s the matter, mom?” asked Heidi. “Don’t you like Ed?” Kay was about to answer, but Ed cut him off. There was something important he had to say.

Important announcement

Instagram / Heidi Savitt

“We are getting married!” Ed quit the table. That should be the evening, but all Heidi could think about was the look on her mother’s face.

However, Kay quickly changed her mind when she heard that a wedding was on the way. But she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that she had seen Ed’s face before …


Instagram / Heidi Savitt

With all the plans for the upcoming wedding, Kay thought she’d need to make some space to keep gifts and supplies in her attic.

She started tidying up the room, but deep down she hoped to find something she’d been thinking about up there. Then she saw it sitting in the corner and a strange feeling overcame her. Was your gut feeling right?

Old photos


When Kay saw her old photo albums piled up in the corner of the attic, she knew she just had to satisfy her curiosity. She scoured the dusty piles of albums and found what she was looking for: an album that had Gumbet, July 1997, on the cover.

Kay hadn’t seen the two-decade-old photo album in a long time, so she couldn’t be sure that this photo album would have exactly what she was looking for. But she flipped the pages quickly and when she got to the one she hoped to find, she couldn’t move.

The little boy

S6 photography

Kay had looked through smiling family photos and beautiful landscape portraits from the trip. She found this particular photo from about 20 years ago that has haunted her since meeting Ed and his mother. Her daughter Heidi was standing right in front of her with her very first boyfriend.

The blond mysterious boy was exactly as she remembered him. He smiled shyly and stood next to Heidi, just like during the entire trip. In truth, Kay was looking for this boy for a reason. When she saw the little boy in the old photo album, she was speechless and knew immediately that her suspicions were probably correct.

Could it be?

S6 photography

When Kay looked at the old photo album, she didn’t know if this was the craziest thing she had ever seen or if she was just going crazy. She was sure she was right about her nagging suspicions, but she needed more details.

Kay was pretty sure that this little blonde boy named Ed was the same Ed who wanted to marry her daughter. It was almost too good to be true. The Ed Kay had met in a London restaurant a few days ago looked different from the little boy in the old photo album. She had to make a call.

The photo

Facebook / Ed Savitt

Heidi put on her coat and jumped into the car as soon as she hung up the phone. She was concerned about what her mother had to say. She was usually so optimistic. Did that have something to do with Ed?

When she got to her mother’s house, Kay was sitting on the coffee table in her chair with a drink in her hand and several photos. Without saying a word, she pointed to one. Heidi took the photo. “I was amazed when I saw the picture. I just screamed, ‘Mom – you know who that is!’ “

Young love

S6 photography

Heidi held a vacation photo from Turkey when she was little. The six-year-old boy who held her hand in the picture was Ed.

In 1996 the two met in a children’s camp in Bodrum and fell in love with each other. Kay was sure that she recognized Ed from somewhere, but even she was surprised that he was actually Heidi’s “little friend” from years ago.


S6 photography

Communication manager Heidi told MailOnline: “I was so shocked that I actually had to lie down. Ed was amazed too … we couldn’t believe it!

“I didn’t believe in fate until I found out, but there is no argument with it – we are clearly meant to be together!” The revelation meant a lot to the couple. So much so that they had to honor their meeting years earlier.

The big day

Instagram / Heidi Savitt

Kay thought that maybe there was an “unconscious realization that they had shared that time when they met as adults”. And since the two were supposed to be married by the end of the year, they knew they had to somehow incorporate that news into their wedding.

Heidi and Ed decided to use these old photos of them as six year olds in their wedding invitations. So the pictures of them from the old photo album were shown on the invitations they sent to hundreds of guests.

love at first sight

Instagram / Heidi Savitt

The couple married in a grand celebration in Derbyshire. They could still tell that they had experienced love at first sight, but now they knew that the first sight had happened much earlier than either of them had imagined.

Heidi and Ed were lucky enough to marry their first love in one of the craziest love stories. But they weren’t the only ones meant to be together that day.

Memory lane

S6 photography

Even after the big wedding anniversary, Kay remembered that not only Heidi and Ed met on this holiday in 1997 in Turkey, but all of us. Ed and Heidi’s siblings had all met during this vacation. Some of the pictures their families found in those old photo albums showed all of the siblings hanging out together.

Becoming in-laws binds two families together, but after learning about this incredible first meeting, the two families are even closer together. Kay and Fiona have become best friends along with their husbands. And since Ed and Heidi’s wedding, the two parents have been on vacation together. The couple can still hardly believe it.

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