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Modern horror stories that turned out to be the stupidest

We would like to point out that it is a bit sunny for most vampires, but that might spread more thoughts than it deserves.

At this point, most people would wish Ashantison a good day and go about their business, but reporters insisted on asking him a few questions whose answers made no one happier. How does he drink blood? Usually in a glass, sometimes with an X-Acto knife. What is he working on? He is a "spiritual adviser" in a voodoo store, because the opportunities of the undead to make a career are limited. What does he call non-vampires? "Mundane." (Ugh.) Vice even sat down to a meal with (pork) black pudding, apparently only because they could (which is basically their motto at this point).

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The "archaeologist" who finds foreigners comfortable

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927, a famous archaeologist named Julio Tello discovered the remains of an ancient one Necropolis belonging to the natives of Paracas in Peru. Through his scientific education, he realized that they were … pretty crazy. It turned out that their culture used ropes, fabrics, and wooden boards to extend the skulls of babies, resulting in some conehead-looking skeletons. Pretty questionable, yes, but thoroughly earthbound … unless you ask Brien Foerster.

<img alt = "He has the marginal fuller skull in this image." width = "350" height = "263" class = "lazy" src = "https://s3.crackedcdn.com/phpimages/article/6/1/8/710618_v3.jpg" /> Brien Foerster [19659008] He has the marginal fuller skull in this image.

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