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Modern heroes who have been kidnapped


Dr. Li Wenliang was kidnapped for China’s warning about COVID-19

When COVID-19 appeared, it showed how ridiculous all adults in the room – from large companies to entire governments – were unprepared for a possible pandemic that they were all warned of (multiple times!). We would hold up the survival movement as an example for people who were ready for this shit, but these people are now in front of the town hall and are moaning about how Dave & Buster’s closure means the virus wins.

However, the thing is that things can always be a lot amount worse – and it is (probably) Dr. Thanks to Li Weliang that they are not.

Dr. Li was an ophthalmologist in Wuhan, China, and one of the first to openly raise the alarm about the virus in December 201

9 – after he came across a worrying report about a patient being treated for his SARS Coronavirus hospital. A few days later, Dr. Li the country’s popular messaging app, WeChat, and posted a message to a group of his old classmates to warn them of the potential of a pandemic and to take precautions to keep themselves and themselves in love with their loved ones before every nightmare sure that would break out.

A member of this group took a screenshot of Li’s post and soon he went viral on forums and social networks (including WeChat) across the country, where it was read by thousands and thousands of people. Before Dr. Li could even think of connecting his SoundCloud when the ominously named Wuhan Public Security Bureau called him over his posts and quoted him as “making false comments on the Internet”. This seemed to prevent other health professionals from losing information and possibly paving the way for the Chinese authorities to downplay the scale of the virus, as they were accused of having to do with SARS in 2002 and H1N1 swine flu in 2009.

After his uncomfortable grappling with the law, Dr. Li returned to work at his hospital eye clinic, where he came into contact with a glaucoma patient who had an epidemic of the virus. Within a few days, Dr. Li was diagnosed with COVID-19 and died on February 7th after a massive respiratory failure.

Stay inside hell, kids.Li WenliangStay inside hell, kids.

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