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Maldives Safety Tips – Make Your Safety A Priority!

The Maldives is a country that is deeply rooted in its Islamic traditions and it is advisable to be aware of its existing laws and etiquette before entering their country. In contrast to Buddhist countries, where it is enough just to respect their practices, Islamic countries have imposed strict rules and regulations that prevent anyone from bringing material that is contrary to the sermons of their religion. Some of these articles include pork and pork-based products, alcohol, pornography, and even non-Islamic religious texts. If found with such items, it could mean a high price or a lengthy prison term. Practicing other religions in public is also prohibited, as Islamic law does not tolerate other religious practices. Alcohol is generally not allowed in the Maldives. However, you can enjoy your favorite cocktail in the confined space of your resort. Although resort islands allow the freedom to dress in bikinis and shorts on the beaches, it is forbidden to be naked or topless at these resorts as Islamic law encourages humility.

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