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London Calling: The Clash Exhibit at the Museum of London

On September 21, 1979, when British punk legends The Clash attempted to amp up at The Palladium in New York,

According to Fender, this frustrated clash bassist Paul Simonon so much that he smashed his cherished Fender Precision bass on stage, possibly creating the most famous rock 'n' roll photo opportunity of all time – which would also serve as the cover art for the Clash's groundbreaking third album, [19459004LondonCalling.

Simonon's surprisingly well-preserved broken bass.

To celebrate this December's 40th anniversary of its release, the Museum of London has released many of its most popular music, Simonon's surprisingly well-preserved broken bass

It's not the only iconic instrument on display-you can see Mick Jones's 1

950s Gibson ES-295, which he's using to record his album and the music video for his titular track, and Joe Strummer's 1950s Fender Esquire from the same era. And, if you look at Topper Headon's drumsticks, you'll notice that they're stamped with the words "Topper's Boppers." According to NME, it's the only item of Headon's that's silent from the London Calling

The exhibition also includes sketches from artist Ray Lowry London Calling tour, photos taken by Pennie Smith London Calling cover image) , a doodle-heavy track listing for the four-sided double album written by Jones, and many other items.

And, of course, any rock'n'roll display would not be complete without at least one leather jacket- The Museum of London is showcasing Simonon's jacket from the late '70s.

If you're a little farther than a train ride away from London, there's time to make some travel plans: The exhibit is open until April 19, 2020.

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