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Live love and appreciative partnership – GRP for couples

Getting closer as a couple – materials for a fulfilling partnership:

Are you parents who realize that you are a couple too? Would you benefit from new opportunities to get closer and take care of your relationship? Then the Connection Kit is just right for you. Your connection kit consists of a number of powerful tools that bring you closer as a couple. You can use the tools flexibly to adapt them to your schedule and your individual requirements. By purchasing the connection kit you are making an important investment in the quality of your life together. The tools include: overview, including ideas on how to spend more time together, connection rating to show you the status of your relationship and what needs attention, Connection Vision to help you align what you both do with the relationship want, connection cards with fun and in-depth questions to give you a better mutual understanding, connection challenges that offer non-verbal opportunities to get to know each other, connection habits that help you develop habits that promote your relationship, culture of gratitude that you do supports to bring more appreciation and joy to your life. Your price includes a full set of tools (PDF files) and access to all future updates and additions. Please note: VAT is added to the rate applicable in your country. We never want money to be an obstacle to maintaining our work. So if our price is higher than you can pay for the kit, please contact us at [email protected] and we are sure we can find a solution.

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