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Listen! Shakespeare's Globe Theater can be closed forever due to this crappe

Some may recall that at the start of the pandemic, social media began about 17 years ago to use the trivia Shakespeare wrote during a pandemic King Lear as an invitation to the artists to encourage them Use these difficulties to be more productive. But it turns out that if Shakespeare had written King Lear during this pandemic he wouldn't even have a theater to play because the globe is about to go bankrupt.

It's almost as far curtains for Shakespeare's Globe, the reconstruction of Shakespeare's original Globe Theater. The much too cozy medieval theater has been empty for months instead of posting some of his Shakespeare adaptations on YouTube, including the recently canceled performance of Macbeth . (Although this is difficult to find because the video title does not mention the piece). The globe has no bums on the seats and is in a financial emergency. Neither a borrower nor a lender, the charity is not funded by the Arts Council England, rather than generating almost all of its sales and trading revenue. This has resulted in the independent theater being unable to qualify for emergency aid for art venues, and now Shakespeare's Globe has issued a terrible warning that it will take $ 7 million to stay afloat or without a kiss to die due to social distance guidelines. [1

9659003] In this case, the corona virus will destroy what bubonic plague could never do. Throughout the entire theatrical performance in the early 17th century, London was Plague City UK (225,000 residents and declining). In 1606, the epidemic became so bad that the government finally ordered all entertainment venues to be closed, with the suspicion that keeping these crowded places open during the 1603 outbreak could have contributed to a tenth of the city's population being buried in corpses. But the globe was recovering, reopening at the end of the year with new Shakespeare plays ( King Lear as one of them) and stopping until it was closed for much more appropriate theatrical reasons – first because of a propeller canon burned down the building; the second time that theater was banned among the Puritans to censor "times of humiliation".

  Which, because most people no longer wore pants at their online meetings, could also apply to today. Wikimedia Commons / Yair Haklai Which, because most people no longer wore pants during their online meetings, could also apply today.

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