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LEGO Star Wars Christmas Special on Disney +

We are stuck with this time of year when the air is colder, the nights are longer, and the books in our pile of readings become increasingly frightening. Opening a horror book in your most comfortable chair is one of the best ways to enjoy the Halloween season. At Mental Floss, we have plenty of suggestions for your next title. From genre classics that should be on everyone’s list to a few more unusual entries – including a must-read comic starring a spectacularly creepy ice cream man – here are our favorite horror books to pick up on.

1. The penguin book of exorcisms // Joseph P. Laycock; $ 1

What better way to enjoy the spooky season than with this collection that features real-life accounts of exorcisms from around the world? When you’re done, open The witches’ penguin book and The penguin book of ghost storiesthat also send chills down the spine. – –Erin McCarthy, editor-in-chief

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2. The witches // Stacy ship; $ 15- $ 17

Few things are more frightening than actual history, as demonstrated by Stacy Schiff’s carefully researched and beautifully written account of the Salem witch trials, which began in 1692 and ended with 25 deaths less than a year later. – –EM

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3. The Haunted Hill House // Shirley Jackson; $ 9- $ 15

Shirley Jackson’s story of four paranormal investigators who settled in a haunted house and is often described as one of the scariest books of all time will fill you with creeping fear, making it the most perfect read for this time of year. At around 200 pages, it’s a quick read – and when you’re done, you can jump in on one of the TV and movie adaptations of the novel to keep the creepy going. – –EM

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4th Horror disorder // Grady Hendrix; $ 13- $ 14

If you’ve ever panicked while traversing the mazelike layout of your local IKEA, Horror disorder will be too relatable. In this book, Orsk, a Swedish furniture store in Cleveland, Ohio, is the scene of a very paranormal activity that encourages a handful of employees to brave a night shift to find out the origins of these malicious spirits. It’s the perfect read for anyone who ever thought their 9 to 5 are literally out to get it. – –Jay Serafino, editor of special projects

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5. Blood meridian // Cormac McCarthy; $ 10- $ 16

Cormac McCarthy’s is full of gruesome images and some of the most disturbing acts of violence ever brought to the site Blood meridian isn’t a jump scare horror story. Instead, it achieves sheer terror by examining the hateful, vengeful nature of humans under the guise of a western. – –JS

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6th Ice cream seller // W. Maxwell Prince, Martin Morazzo, Chris O’Halloran; $ 15- $ 17

The spirit of EC Comics and its garish horror anthology titles lives on in Image’s Ice cream seller. With his sharp white uniform and truck full of sweets, the title ice cream merchant interferes in the lives of others, often with terrifying results. – –Jake Rossen, executive officer

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7th The ruins // Scott Smith; $ 14- $ 16

Tourism takes a terrible turn in this troubling pot boiler over a group of American tourists who find that an ancient Mayan site doesn’t welcome visitors too much – nor does the sour vines that scorch your skin and soul. – –JR

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8th. Theirs // Stephen King; $ 15- $ 17

Released in 1981, this New York Times Bestseller isn’t for animal lovers out there. It starts in the town of Castle Rock, Maine, terrorized by a once friendly Saint Bernard. While this all happens, the Trenton family moves to the seemingly idyllic town only to find that it is not as beautiful as it seems. Parents Vic and Donna have problems with their marriage, and their son Tad cannot sleep because of the horrors that come out of his closet. They don’t know that the real monster is waiting for them outside. – –Elaine Selna, trade writer

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9. ring // Koji Suzuki; The prices vary

Before the Japanese horror film and the American remake ring was a bestseller. The book, published in Japan in 1991, made the video recorder an instrument of terror at the height of its popularity. There are huge differences between the original story and its on-screen adjustments, but the basic plot should be known to every horror fanatic: after watching a cursed videotape, the main character has seven days to solve the mystery of the tape and escape death. – Michelle Debczak, senior executive

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10. Let the right one in // John Ajvide Lindqvist; $ 14- $ 18

John Ajvide Lindqvist’s 2004 Swedish novel tells the friendship between a boy named Oskar and his enigmatic new friend Eli, who happens to be a very old vampire. Let the right one in has all the perks of a Class A horror story – bloodlust, puzzles, twists, etc. – against a backdrop of real-world problems, from bullying to alcoholism. The protagonists may be children, but the adult themes of this novel are aimed at older readers. – Ellen Gutoskey, employee

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11. Carrie // Stephen King; $ 7- $ 14

King’s 1974 debut novel is still one of his best. It revolves around a teenage outcast named Carrie White who is bullied at school and interacts with an abusive mother at home. Any hope she has of adapting is soon dashed when she begins to develop strange telekinetic skills. – –IT

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