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Learn to code with these 10 online courses

If you’ve toyed with the idea of ​​learning to code, there is a whole world of courses online that can teach you the basics and beyond without the need for a textbook or leaving home. And if you act now you can get any of the 10 courses below at a substantial discount.

1. The Web Development Masterclass Certification Bundle; $ 35 (97 percent off)

There are many coding languages ​​to learn. You can get a handle on them all with this bundle that covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, and more.

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2. The Super Software Engineer Bundle; $ 39 (98 percent off)

Information technology or IT is a cross-industry skill. IT professionals are in demand in fashion, finance, and even design companies. With this discounted package of seven courses, you can learn the basics and prepare for a long career.

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3. Ruby On Rails for beginners; $ 1
0 (98 percent off)

In this 57-lecture course on Ruby on Rails you will become fluent in the increasingly popular coding language for web application development.

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4. The ultimate certification package for scientists with artificial intelligence; $ 35 (95 percent off)

Artificial intelligence is more than a catchphrase. It’s a career path with a lot of demand. In this 4-course package, you’ll learn about Python, Tensorflow, Machine, and Deep Learning so you can bring your skills to the bank with a high-paying career.

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5. The Complete Computer Programmer Super Bundle; $ 45 (98 percent off)

If you love computers but are still unsure which area to dive into, this 12-course package has everything from coding languages ​​to cybersecurity to find out. The variety offered here is ideal for everyone who wants to embark on a new career path.

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6. The Python and Django web development package; $ 29 (97 percent off)

This package contains seven courses that deal exclusively with the popular programming languages ​​Python and Django. You will learn how to build a cryptocurrency news site, user authentication web applications, and more.

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7. The 2020 Premium Learn-to-Code Certification Package; $ 39 (98 percent off)

Achieve a total of 10 courses in this jam-packed package that includes building responsive websites with HTML5 and CSS3, data mining with Python, JavaScript, and deep learning.

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8. The 2020 Javascript Beginners Bootcamp Course; $ 13 (93 percent off)

Focus your studies on learning how to develop interactive web pages with this beginner JavaScript bootcamp.

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9. Python Three Complete Bootcamp Master Course // 15 creating projects and games; $ 11 (97 percent off)

This 31-hour course package teaches you the basics of Python so you can create games, desktop apps, and data visualization applications yourself.

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10. The 2020 Ultimate Web Developer and Design Bootcamp Bundle; $ 40 (98 percent off)

This package is one of the largest on the list, with a total of 11 courses covering key topics like HTML5, CSS3, and Git, plus courses on the basics of APIs and designing a perfectly retro 8-bit website.

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