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LEARN ARABIC: Language didactics and teaching

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Learn Arabic, didactics

The questions we are asked very often are:

– Where should I start?

– How long would it take me to get there?

Of course this has to do with Arabic.

To make it short and clear, we immediately respond to those who have no knowledge of Arabic (literal or dialectal) and start with our manual beginner level of Al-Manhaj with its audio CD and the corrected sound.

It is divided into eleven lessons. The minimum basics can be learned from the first five lessons. Knowledge ; Writing, phonetics and an introduction to grammar. For a motivated person, these first five lessons can be undertaken in about fifty hours of “work”


Learn to write, read and pronounce correctly
KITABA is a work for Arabic writing and has strengthened this device because it enables intensive training in phonetics, writing and spelling. With a design and progression that are specifically intended for people who don’t speak an Arabic dialect, they don’t have the reflexes and the “ear” to distinguish sounds. This well understood book offers comfortable writing autonomy and allows you to “hear” Arabic in a really different way …

Those who want to learn the dialect will find an answer in our Al-Manhaj Dialectal Handbook, which is based on the literal Arabic handbook cited above. However, use of this book requires prerequisites in literal Arabic, a prerequisite that is generally understood in the first five lessons of our literal Al-Manhaj manual.

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