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Just when you need it most, Taco Bell removes menu items

There was a time when the Taco Bell menu was so varied and extensive that you would have thought it was written by CS Lewis. Sure, Narnia could have featured a “Gryphon” with a lion’s body and an eagle’s head, but Taco Bell had a chalupa with a bowl of French toast. Honestly, we think the French toast Chalupa could be stranger. That’s not to see that those elf-real fusions of tacos and madness weren’t delicious. They were delicious and so much more, and personally I will forever be grateful to which taco scientist or weirdo in the boardroom made the Mexican pizza. (And don’t get me started with the Mexican pizza crunchwrap.)

Taco Bell

Unfortunately, the Mexican pizza and many other Taco Bell menu items are no longer available as Taco Bell removed them to streamline the menu.

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7;t mean this is a bad thing. Taco Bell found that trimming the menus resulted in faster service, a greener business and less work on staff. The packaging of Mexican pizza, for example, “made more than that 7 million pounds of cardboard a year in the US “according to CNBC and thousands of employees cursing at one cardboard corner, it just couldn’t crease properly in general experience.

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