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Joseph Cornell – The smile in the gift shop

23rd January 2020

Balasz Takac is a pseudonym for Vladimir Bjelicic, who is actively involved in art criticism, curatorial and artistic practice. The invention of the early 20th century has a long history, starting with China around 200 BC. BC . Various forms of collage have been found in Europe over the centuries. However, the first forerunner of modern collage is the 18th century botanical work by Mary Delany.

This special technique of gluing or gluing pieces together to form a new composition usually consists of newspaper and newspaper clippings, paint, ribbons, colored paper, photographs and other materials found. The term “collage” was introduced by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso at the beginning of the 20th century when it became a popular technique in modern art.

To help you understand different approaches to collage making, we selected the works of an intergenerational group of seven artists that you can add to your collection while we speak!

Selected image: Joseph Cornell ̵

1; The smile in the gift shop. All images courtesy of the respective galleries.

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