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John Tyler’s grandson dies | Floss

If you’re a history buff, you’ve likely found many people over the years to admire, whether it’s an elected official, inventor, or entertainer who has helped make the world a little better. House of Bust wants to immortalize some of these important figurines so you can display them right in your home with a range of handcrafted busts available on Kickstarter.

For the past two years, the House of Bust team has developed, designed, and tested these busts to be released. The first sculptures they’ll show include President Abraham Lincoln, President Barack Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders and Vice President Joe Biden, as well as the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Albert Einstein. These figures are available in white, gray, black and ̵

1; if you are feeling particularly chic – in gold. As the campaign gets more commitments, other symbols will join the House of Bust line.

These busts are not just simple decorative items that need to be gathered together on a shelf. They have been carefully tested and manufactured to ensure the best possible quality. It took the House of Bust team – including 3D design experts and sculptors – over 300 hours to complete each statue, from sculpting to modeling to completion. The busts are made of powdered stone resin and weigh between six and eight pounds each.

With more than 600 supporters, House of Bust has already exceeded its fundraising goal of $ 20,000. Even if you have achieved your original goal, you can support the project through the various levels of promise. You can contribute $ 99 (or $ 139 to get it gold plated) to get a bust of your choice. If you don’t want your hero to feel lonely, you can get a pair for $ 198, a trio for $ 290, or six for $ 560. You can even pick the next bust they develop by pledging $ 1000, or you can give in $ 5000 and the team will turn you into a bust (though not literally).

You can support House of Bust here through November 13th through Kickstarter. Delivery is expected to start in December 2020.

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