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John Milton's annotated copy of Shakespeare's first folio may have been found

It is a well-known literary fact that William Shakespeare had a tremendous influence on the "Paradise Lost" poet John Milton, and new evidence suggests that Superfan Milton – who even wrote a poem called "On Shakespeare" – may be could have possessed his idols first folio.

The folio, which contains 36 of Shakespeare's plays, was published in 1623 – seven years after the Bard's death. An estimated 750 first sheets were printed, of which only 233 have survived, including one with notes. As it turns out, these scribbles could come from Milton.

According to The Guardian Jason Scott-Warren believes that Milton has written these important notes. Scott-Warren read an article about an anonymous commentator written by Pennsylvania State University English professor Claire Bourne. The folio copy in question is kept in the Free Library of Philadelphia since 1

944, and Bourne could date the annotator to the mid-17th century. (Milton died in 1674.) It was Scott-Warren who noticed that the handwritten notes were similar to Milton's handwriting.

"It shows you the encounter between two great first-hand writers that you rarely get to see at this time," said Scott-Warren to The Guardian . "Many of these evidences are lost, that's really exciting. "

If the Scripture really belongs to Milton, then not the Der Dichter has left notes for the first time on the works of another writer, he also allegedly has his copy of Giovanni Boccaccio's Life of Dante marks any other notable works.

"It was simply too much just a few days ago to hope that Milton's own copy of Shakespeare could have survived – and yet the evidence here is convincing," Dr. Will Poole, a colleague and tutor at Oxford New College said. "This may be one of the most important literary discoveries of modern times."

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