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James Cameron saved Guillermo Del Toro’s father from kidnappers

When you become a celebrity, paint a target on your back. That means you, your family, and your beloved pets all run the risk of an insidious group coming after you for that sweet, sweet glory money. And when your life turns into an adrenaline-pumping story with a family member in mortal danger, do you know who is good to have in your corner? The guy out User picture.

During the production of Imitate, a film in which Guillermo del Toro imitates a bad director …

… the Mexican filmmaker received a ransom note for his father Federico del Toro. He, like hundreds of people in Mexico each yearhad been kidnapped on the streets of his hometown of Guadalajara. The kidnappers viciously called A million dollars for the director’s father. There was only one problem: del Toro had put all his money into his money Imitate Boondoggle, and it’s not that he could pay them off on an executive producer’s loan.

Fortunately, del Toro knew a man with very specific skills – blockbuster skills. He and James Cameron were each other’s BFFs (Big Film Fans) for years, turning to each other for cinematic advice. When Cameron heard that a gang of thugs had kidnapped his pal’s father, he put on his sunglasses, tore up his shotgun, and drove Del Toro to the bank. There he withdrew a small part of him Alien $ Money, a cool million, and put the money in del Toro’s hands. He went further and also recommended a good negotiator to handle the handover.

Flickr, Steve Jurvetson
Of course, James Cameron knows a better Mexican kidnapping negotiator than a native Mexican.

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