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It shouldn’t be that hard to make a Dang ‘Star Trek’ movie

It’s been four long years since Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew … whatever they did Star Trek Beyond. And though there are three (soon) four) Trek Currently shown on TV, the movie franchise is about as stable as a static warp bubble. According to a recent reportThere were as many as three possible Star Trek Films in the works, none of which seem to be making any real progress.

We learned that recently Fargo and legion Creator Noah Hawley worked on one Star Trek Continuation that would shed the current Star Trek occupied in favor of some other, more affordable crew members. Yes, that doesn̵

7;t happen anymore. Why not? For one, Hawley’s script apparently focused on one interstellar pandemicwhich currently sounds about as pleasant as the musical styles of William Shatner.

Then there was Quentin Tarantino is potentially R-rated Star Trek Movie frankly, that always seemed like a future Trivial Pursuit question rather than an actual thing about to happen. It turns out that Tarantino Trek should be about 1930s gangster, possibly based on the classic series episode “A piece of the action “ where the Enterprise visits a planet run by mob-inspired aliens – presumably because they are pinstripe suits and fedoras path cheaper than expensive prostheses.

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There were also plans to bring Chris Hemsworth back as Kirk’s dad for a time travel story with the restart cast, but that couldn’t be happening either.

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