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Invest in SAAM Vega, luxury hotel apartments in Dubai and the future of hospitality

Tourism has successfully brought cultures, mixed traditions and people together over centuries, and dates back to the 15th century when the first known tourist may have traveled through the highlands and seas, crossing the Mediterranean in search of the remnants of Greek and roman civilizations.

In the modern world, travel is just as common as a car. What varies is the purpose. There are some who go around the world for pleasure, some for business, and others to quench their thirst for knowledge of cultures and civilizations. As travel becomes more frequent every year, an industry has emerged that is almost synonymous today ̵

1; the hotel business.

It goes without saying that some countries top the list of the most visited destinations, and it’s no surprise that Dubai ranks in the top 5. A global travel destination with new tourist attractions every year, a window to the entire MENA region for trade and commerce, and Dubai is a hub for real estate investment, making Dubai the hub of tourism.

While the influx of tourists is steadily increasing, the need for high quality hotel apartments in Dubai has grown exponentially. Particularly looked after hotel apartments for families are a great success. While the list of hotel apartments in Dubai is stunning at first glance, quality has its price.

SAAM Vega, under development by Falconcity, was conceived as a groundbreaking new hotel destination that brings the best of the luxury, retail and hospitality industries under one roof. With the artistic design inspired by an icon of the bygone days, a world-renowned hotel operator and all the premium offerings, it will be among the top 5 hotel apartments in the UAE in no time.

Falconcity is a trusted Dubai-based developer with a range of investment opportunities – including residential, hospitality, land, retail, commercial and entertainment.

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