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"Intelligent" devices that make our life a nightmare


When the flywheel lost a lawsuit, their bicycles were bricked up.

Most people like the idea of ​​ doing sports, but other people repel them too physically to take an actual bike course. Well, flywheel thought they had the solution. In 2017, the company launched an extremely expensive, WiFi-enabled stationary bike that allows you to take part in live streaming bike classes from the comfort of your own home. It was a brilliant product, which is why Peloton had probably sold it since 2013. Peloton quickly sued for copyright infringement, claiming Flywheel copied design elements and a Flywheel supporter was undercover as a potential investor to take a look at their business model.

  We all remember peloton, right? Peloton We all remember peloton, right?

It was all a fairly normal corporate intrigue, nowhere near as interesting as it was when Air Canada had a private detective in fake glasses and goatee who spied on the WestJet CEO. But it suddenly became of great interest to flywheel owners when Peloton won the lawsuit and turned all of their bikes into worthless stones. As part of the comparison, Flywheel agreed to close all virtual classes and other online offerings. The owners didn't even know about it from Flywheel, they all suddenly got an email from Peloton, a completely different company that basically said, "Hey, the bike you bought? Well, it belongs to us and we'll set it on fire. "

Peloton promised that eligible flywheel owners could exchange their bikes for a renovated peloton. But a lot of people bought a flywheel specifically because they didn't want a peloton, as Flywheel's courses focused more on fitness than less on disabled life coaches shouting inspirational slogans. It also turned out that "eligible" meant people who bought their flywheels directly. If you financed your purchase of a $ 2,000 exercise bike through a lender, it sucks to be you poor you get nothing. The flywheels still worked as an offline exercise bike, but you can buy a stationary bike for around $ 250 and a real bike for any bolt cutter that costs today. Nobody spends two giants on a damn exercise bike.

  It is not exactly the most advanced technology that humans know. Stanislav Jelen / Wikimedia Commons It is not exactly the most advanced technology that humans know.

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